Sunday, April 03, 2005

chalk pie

been busy fixin' up the old site and just never got around to posting. . .
but a.g. sent me this link to an unreleased frank zappa album, 'chalk pie'. it's culled from live shows in 1981, and the sound is surprisingly clean. the whole thing is available for download, tho i am not sure for how long. so ya better get it while the getting is had to be got!
i did have a story about working a zappa show in the late 70s, but that has got to be told another time 'cuz the power just failed and i don't know how long the battery will last . . .
gotta go, but here are a few pieces of 'chalk pie' . . . and the whole thing too:
moggio (mp3)
clowns on velvet (mp3)
the complete 'chalk pie' (c/o hungarian frank zappa association)


Blogger Snave said...

Now this is cool! I've been a Zappa fan since I first heard him in about 1974, and it was Overnite Sensation while I was under the influence of hash. Yoiks! I thought I was going to die laughing all the way through it, and the musicianship was fantastic. Since that fateful night, I've never turned back.

We're Turning Again is such a great song... ! I'll have to check into Chalk Pie!! Thanks for posting on this!

What's your favorite Zappa solo of all time? Your favorite Zappa song? Favorite Zappa album? For me it's Inca Roads, Wonderful Wino and Live at Roxy and Elsewhere.

8:13 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

solo, jeesh, there are so many, mebbe 'weasels rip my flesh'.
song? i love 'who are the brain police', it is just wacky . . .
lp would be 'hot rats', i love when he started flirting w/ jazz. . .
good to know fz still lives!

10:18 PM CDT  

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