Friday, September 09, 2005

bringing the war back home ...

well, no sense cryin' over spilled toxic gumbo. might as well turn up the music, put on the gloves and get to work. . .

we are already getting word from the 'hood in metry. seems the wreckhouse fared very well. we still have the hundred-year-old oak tree in front of our house. it is the only one on a formerly thickly-lined-oak-tree street. bummer... and it appears some of the major parts of the city survived, mainly the french quarter. we will all be back in bizznezz real soon.

and now we we may get all we need to make it work semi-right in new orleans this time, because the great minds that claim to care for us all and don't, made sure of that. with a little luck and the might of truth, all the incompetent boobs will be booted next year. time for a new broom to sweep out the trash, (politcal and disaster related), and not just the feds but all the way through. they all left the city to suffer and die. i am glad we live near enough to enjoy new orleans without all the idiocy of the city, and tho this is gonna be a big black eye for a real long time, (new orleans has always been about either you like it or not anyways), we know the city will rise up, with a lil' help from our friends. ... and it's gonna be job heaven for awhile, as long as we get our people in there to fix up our town and not fema refugees from florida, northern carpetbaggers or wanna-be faux contractors from texas.

anyways, we still haven't heard from frank and the situation in the easy is tenuous (or 'fluid', as the vips say, i find that amusing in light of the circumstances), but things are looking up. frank'll be found in some open bar in the quarter, (there are still quite a few), then, after the waters recede, (or when the city is 'dewatered', whatever the fuck that means), all our god fearing leaders will go down hard for the sacrifice of our beloved city to a senseless war without end, (you mean there is a war on elsewhere?). maybe then we'll get a real levee system to rival amsterdam's ... if there is really a god ...

enuff said ...

'five days with katrina by alvaro' (an amazing gallery of photos taken downtown by a local)
flickr's katrina photos

some blues for the easy (via yousendit):
north mississippi allstars - drinking muddy water
son house - government fleet blues
kansas joe and memphis minnie - when the levee breaks
charley patton - high water everywhere pt.1
mississippi fred mcdowell - you gotta move


Blogger J. Marquis said...

I hate to add to the bad news but have you heard the owner of the Saints might use this as cover to move the team?

6:39 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

benson has tried to wiggle the saints out of new orleans for ages, he may do it this time, but he'll be a marked man in the easy. and i'm not sure the nfl will think kindly about said move the way the country is reacting to this catastrophe. it is just plain heartless, (i have pictures in my mind of an irsay/colts-type-night-move, not in a blizzard, but a hurricane ...).
his attitude sucks, not giving refunds to ticket holders, holding the team for ransom and insisting on playing in san antonio, (he has a ton of car places there too). if i were him i wouldn't show my face in louisiana for awhile, unless he does something outstanding for the victims. he is a callous used-car dealer that got lucky. he can go where he pleases ...
he sure won't keep the name, the browns evacuation from cleveland assured us that. we'll get a new saints team, and he can call his team the san antonio backstabbers, turncoats or chickenshits for all we care.
altho they'll prolly get to the superbowl the 1st yr they leave the city. typical ...
(shit, this reply was long enuff to be a post ...)

8:39 PM CDT  
Blogger Laurie said...

I agree with you that New Orleans will rise again as big and beautiful as ever. And, hell yeah, keep out them lousy Texas contractors! Locals all the way,

Your biggest Texas fan

11:14 PM CDT  

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