Thursday, February 16, 2006

hello, i have to go!

here's another viddy ... about being on the road and wishing you weren't. funny how things go the way you want sometimes!


Blogger nostradumass said...

great viddy to my fave wreckreators tune. it's a keeper!

9:16 PM CST  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

ha! i think that is the first time i heard anyone say they had a fave wreck tune. now i'm scared ...
thanks nos, you made my year!

9:33 PM CST  
Blogger dickvandyke said...

Hey - this is really rather good you know. (English way with understatement). It's better than most things in the charts.
Andy Partridge would raise a pint to it too.

4:15 AM CST  
Blogger Laurie said...

That was GREAT! Seriously! Was that you tap dancing? ;)

1:04 AM CST  
Blogger Danno said...

Damn M.A., I love it! Great work man.

8:15 AM CST  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

such adulation, i really ought to try out for 'amerikan idle' ...

10:12 PM CST  
Blogger sonicfrog said...


4:18 PM CST  

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