Thursday, June 29, 2006

rock-n-roll videos

well, it has been awhile hasn't it? not much going on in the old w'room lately, just waiting for someone to buy this house... feels like that'll never happen at all right now. so come august we are driving to the easy again with another load of stuff. now there is something to look forward to!

we have been real busy filling up with torrents and viddys, (HAL is nearly full everyday and the stack of cd's and dvd's of all things bootlegged are quickly filling up the empty spaces in the w'room), so much to download, so little time and space!

here's a few of our fave viddys of all time, so far...

the beatles 'free as a bird'

the chemical brothers 'let forever be'

bob dylan 'subterranean homesick blues'

blur 'coffee and t.v.'

the kinks - deadend street

radiohead 'paranoid android'

the rolling stones 'we love you'

xtc 'respectable street'

nirvana 'heart-shaped box'

the who 'happy jack'


Blogger Laurie said...

You'll sell the house soon. I feel it.

9:34 PM CDT  
Anonymous lori said...

wow, i have been sitting at my computer far too long this afternoon enjoying these vids. thanks, as usual for sharing!
i haven't seen most of these. the stones look like a bunch of strung out freaks.

lori in tx.

ps. i'm a big fan of xtc from way back so i especially enjoyed that one. i was naive enough in college to write a "fan" note to andy partridge and colin moulding after english settlement came out...andy partridge actually wrote back!!

6:45 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

ms.L, i sure hope you're right...

hey lori, a fellow xtc fan! i hope you still have that letter from andy and that it's framed on the wall, lucky girl. oh yeah, thanks for enjoying the viddys!

7:07 PM CDT  

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