Tuesday, February 08, 2005

alas, another reno mardi gras, (but the last)

i sure didn't feel like doin this today, i've been feeling like shit lately, what with it being mardi gras and all, (and especially since we ain't there), but what the hell.
and most of the reason for the funk is that picture. taken on jan 7, it looked good then. but now, jeesh! too much snow and daggnnabbitt cold!
anyways, here is a very cool band site wit a ton of free mp3s. sharon likes the music, (coz i d/l'd all of their stuff, and play it constantly), but she is queasy with the name 'brian jonestown massacre'. i find it hilarious, as they play music they think brian jones would have made. . . had he lived that is!
check it out, and stay warm . . .


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