Monday, July 25, 2005

the only crime i ever did was play some rock-n-roll!

i feel very lucky to be the middle-aged punked rocker i am. i look around and what do i see? not a whole lot musically these days. maybe it's because not a whole lot really shakes my boat. i find myself buying up cds of vinyl i already have, or filling up a bands old cataloge.
i gobble up all the new stuff posted on all the mp3 blogs i frequent, but in the end it is like panning for gold. only a few nuggets in a lot of dirt. bands like the decemberists, billy harvey, bloc party, the motel beds and the scientists catch my ear, not much else, (and will they be around a year from now? i hope so!).

we live in such disposable times, and nothing seems to stick to this old hide.

i mean no harm to none involved, it's just that no single thing is rockin' anyone's boat it seems. no big thing. no next big thing on the near horizon either. kinda like the dog days on the horse lattitudes. where are the new beatles? i really don't see coldplay filling those shoes, too formulamatic, they just have no edge, fuck the hype. . . (there is not even a 'trouble' on the new record. nothing is sticking.)

but i do have vast resourses of my own to pick from, (thank dog i don't rely on the radio!).
yesterday i needed to make a necessity run for much needed supplies and grabbed some old cds for the trip, (reno is not big by any means, but a ride to sparks is still an adventure. long and hot and dusty . . . . and did i say hot?), and so being a long hot summer it was of a bit of importance to find something that reminded me of summer . . .

i picked up the cds of little feat's 'feats don't fail me now' and the strangler's 1st, 'IV rattus norvegicus'. i stuck in the strangler's cd and was again brought back to the summer 1977, (i think my fave summer of all time, it was the music, and the whole punk thingy going).
the stranglers were not like all the other punk crap filtering from that silly island at all. these guys were punk w/out even trying . . . dark, forboding and wild music, unlike the punk rantings about the dole. on the 1st and best lp, these guys were writing songs about being a rat on the beaches and in the sewers, and making it sing-along. it was like the summer of love, in the midst of flower power and hearing the doors doing 'the end', something so different and yet very compelling, and scary as shit. funny, cos it seems they got together thru the melody maker ad list. weird how things fall together. . .
'peaches' is the ultimate beach tune for watchers and lookers on a hot cocoa-butter laden day in front of the surf, seen from the eyes of a rat.
and 'get a grip (on yourself)' kinda sums up playing in a rock outfit. being sorta married to 4 or 5 guys you really don't like for less than government wages whilst holding down a day job digging holes then filling them back up again. (how i miss that dearly!).

well, that is my summation yer honor. i now need to bring the missus to the hospital. she goes under the knife today. she's all twitchy and i am nervous as hell. . . updates to follow!

some summer strangler tunes to hang onto the beach to! from the 1st lp(by way of yousendit!):
the stranglers - peaches
the stranglers - get a grip (on yourself)

(. . . i'll fill in the gaps at a later date, if ever . . . other than that, yer on yer own. . . i'm headed to the hospital, see ya'll in a few days.)


Anonymous griff le rat said...

makes listening to the stranglers even better to know that you guys are driving on dusty roads with windows down doing the same..
its grey over here in the UK, but those keyboards on get a grip make it a little brighter!

good luck at the hospital!

8:06 AM CDT  
Blogger nostradumass said...

hope it's nothing too serious and i wish you and the mrs. well. see you in the wrecovery wroom...

3:29 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, you took the words right out of my mind. I surf mp3 blogs daily looking for great new bands, and only a few really get to me (the Blood Brothers, the Hold Steady, Pretty Girls Make Graves...). Often the new bands just make me nostalgic for the old ones. Most of the cd's I buy are older things I have on vinyl, or filling in gaps in my collection of 70's and 80's punk/alt rock.

Hope for the best at the hospital. I am always nervous when my wife has surgery, usually more so than she, and I'm the one who works at a hospital. Maybe that's WHY I get nervous.
-- jonhope

4:13 PM CDT  
Blogger Carl Abernathy said...

Hope all went well. Music has healing powers. Pick out some good songs.

Take care,

1:21 PM CDT  
Blogger J. Marquis said...

Hope everything went okay for your wife. Please send her my regards!

11:15 PM CDT  
Blogger dickvandyke said...

Well said old boy (and ditto those above).
I'm a dyed-in-the-wool cynic much of the time, but I'm ever hopeful that a new band will grab me by the gonads. Perhaps not so much no more heroes as something better change.
Love to the duchess

4:11 PM CDT  

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