Monday, July 18, 2005

some stuff for an insurgent summer

the wrecks did a new tune, 'hot baghdad (insurgent summer)', but soundclick is being a bitch and not lettin' this tune get an upload, (probably 'cos it is a subversive bit of bric'a brac, or it could be the heat).
no explanation needed for the song, it speaks for itself, (can you count how many car bombs affect this tune?).
but until soundcheck figures it out, it will only be available on yousendit.

and in other cool new internet music news, my good friend, mr. stephen griffin, has a site with his extrordinary sounds. a very nice place, with his tunes divided into a kinda mini-genre-mini-mall. i really can't describe his stuff, other than to say i really like it. it is a myriad of styles, from sensual accoustic to funky dance, crunchy dj mixes to acid ambience. worth a look and a listen and download.

mr. griff le riff is of the blog 'last night an mp3 saved my wife'. if ya never heard of it, you should hang your head in shame. go now and go fast. always entertaining and informative, '. . the wife' is handled by 4 or 5 guys in the u.k. and has ample doses of mp3s of every kind, new, old, known and obscure, but never boring. it is a daily must here in the wreckroom.
give 'em a hit and a nod. they love comebacks, and always have a witty comment in return.

well, i need to go to sleep now. it was a rough and hot weekend and i am still licking my wounds. i'll return when i recover from the 'big easy fest'. . . more later. . . until then . . .

here, thru the wonders of the web . . .
the metry wrecks - hot baghdad (insurgent summer) (ruff mix)
stephen griffin - cul de sac
stephen griffin - brainticket

mr. stephen griffin's music site

tooldle loo a lumba! tooldle loo a lumba!


Blogger griff le riff said...

thanks a lot for the mention sleepy.
i love the "mini-genre-mini-mall", i know what to say when people ask me what's on my site!

4:50 AM CDT  
Blogger Devilfish said...

Cheers Sleepy, your site keeps all of us at last night entertained too.

5:10 AM CDT  
Blogger dickvandyke said...

Yep. You're one shrewd bastard.

8:06 AM CDT  

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