Sunday, November 20, 2005

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

on sunday mornings s.a. and kimmy always launch into a small skermish over the stack of ads that arrive in the newspaper. the paper is promptly discected and shredded, rendering the wreckroom into the likeness of a brawl between william hearst and rupert murdoch.
such was the case last sunday, as usual ...

one of our fave ad booklets is the best buy thingy. it's usually the only time i do any window shopping, looking for all the newest high tech gear i would love to have but know better. well, s.a. starts digging and shoves it in my face, pointing at a vgc-rc110g sony vaio media center desktop with accompanying monitor, printer and all the accruement on sale for an obscene price ... 'you want this don't cha?', she chimes, (she really just wanted the monitor, a 17" lcd, i'm a crt guy, much better color for viddy). 'yeah, right', i said dubiously, (i know where this is going but i certainly don't wanna get my hopes up just to be dashed). then with a wicked smile tells me, 'kimmy and i'll go pick it up today before they're all gone, just gimme a list of what all ya need to make it work' ...

i swear this woman is trying to spoil me ....

so i've been kinda busy this week transferring files and tweaking the new HAL (this is my 3rd vaio, gettin' bigger and badder each time), and not had much time for much else. it's finally up and running in my own graven image with more speed and space than i should be allowed. it's funny to think my first pc in '96 was a silly 'compact' with all of 4 gig of hard drive ... this mother's got 250! but i'm sure i'll find a way to fill it up too fast. and now i feel this gnawing need to make some videos ...

good old john, of the open mind in the land of the aus, tagged me with this little piece of blogging bric-a-brac, so i guess i gotta make someone else pay for it too ... at least it ain't a chain letter ...

The tag is as follows:

1. Go into your archives.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Post the fifth sentence (or closest to it).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five other people to do the same thing.

(from the sex pistol post)
the sweat and humidity dripped off the walls like a waterfall, even tho it was early january, and the smell of almost a thousand black leather clad punk rockers from all points south was almost gagging.

there ya go, and for those keeping track ... danno (nola cuisine), laurie (do ya know what it means ...), mike (sonicfrog blog), the reverend frost (spread the good word) and mr snave (various miseries) ... tag, ya'll are it!
and no fudgin' now, cuz i know where ya blog.

... enuff messin' around, i got a new toy to play with. i'll leave a few mp3s i found that were hanging forgotten in the old HAL, a bit obscure perhaps, but fun none the less ...

the rolling stones - cocksucker blues (ext ver)
heatmiester - plainclothes man (elliott smith's first band)
led zeppelin - black dog (a very weird acoustic version)
paul mccartney - growing up falling down (bonus chaos tune) wma file
marvin gaye - what's going on (backing track)
buchanan & goodman - flying saucers (parts 1 & 2)
(... flying saucers is my 1st memory of rock-n-roll, i was about 4 and it scared the bejezzums outta me, now it is just plain silly)

and a really neat viddy, how'd they do this? ...
gorillaz - feel good inc (live) quicktime video from devil ducky

and on a sad blogging note, one of our favorite daily reads (and good bunch of net buddies too) is shutting the shades. 'last night an mp3 saved my wife' is calling it quits. i am really bummed about this as i got to know these whacky boys from leeds quite well, and a lovelier lot you won't find on this side of the pond i tell ya. well, good luck ya'll, we hope you change your minds about it and resurrect the wife soon, we're gonna miss the music and the witty banter. so, here's cheers to 'the wife'. r.i.p.


Blogger dickvandyke said...

My dear boy (and your lovely warm, moist family). Thank you for your kind words about "The Wife". Griff, Devilfish and I (along with 10 others) have all been made redundant from our place of work - hence the sad closure. (I don't know if you use the word 'redundant' in the US? It means laid off/let go/surplus to requirements/ discarded (like a used tissue)).
We all loved "The Wife" especially Griff; he had her the most often. But I had my 'sloppy seconds' moments and we taught each other a lot.
Anyway, our kid, I just wanted to say, that the friendship, love and laughter found amongst fellow bloggers is matched only by their passion for music. Yours seeps through with every post.

Although I'm busy looking for work now, rest assured that I'll still be stopping by this smile shack on a regular basis.
Blimey, I'm going on a bit now .. can u tell I've had a couple of pints?

All the best mate. DVD

1:28 PM CST  
Blogger Laurie said...

I have a VAIO, too, and it's the best computer I've ever had. I'll do the tag thing right now. It's a good one.

10:20 PM CST  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

i finally got a few minutes to answer comments, whew!

mr van dyke, we are not happy about the death of 'the wife', but have come to accept it. daggnnabbitt! still not happy tho. just as long as ya'll keep coming in here with the funniest fuckin' comments we ever get (s.a. was in tears over this one, and so was i, you witty bastard), i am still dipped in depression, tho i am almost dry, the family is still moist, lucky me.

miss l, i love my vaio too, i never get any probs and this one is quite as a mouse and fast as a gazelle. i'll be checkin' up to see how the meme goes. i hope you are a lot funnier than me. it shouldn't be hard for you, knowing you.

10:55 PM CST  
Blogger griff le riff said...

DVD pretty much said it all above, but thanks for the support you gave The Wife throughout. I know i said it before but i mean it.
as for the tag thing...

Yvonne Conners recites diary-like reminiscences over a lush melancholic orchestral arrangement.

you know i think that pistols post was the first time i told the Devilfish about the Wreckroom... been a favourite ever since.

4:29 PM CST  

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