Saturday, January 28, 2006

goin' home

today we're headed back to new orleans for a week or so to work on the house and attend my nephew's wedding. as bad as it may be there still, we're really looking forward to gettin' back home. it's really hard to deal with rebuilding when you're 1200 miles from the scene, but apparently things are rolling along on the house in metry. as soon as it is up and running we are headed back for good. so guess we'll just see how it is all going, the city and the wreckhouse, when we get there...

but it looks as though it is really hard to deal with the whole situation down there right now for quite a few people who decided to chuck it in and of course king george is hedging on his promise to 'do what it takes' to rebuild new orleans while his goose-stepping fema troops are lining their pockets.
oh well, what goes around, goes around ...

we're gonna look up some old buddies while home (maybe even find tim for a beer or three at 'the rock and bowl'), so more than likely it'll be a fun filled fortnight, as usual ...
we were hoping to find some good music while we're there but the listings are pretty flat, still, there is a chance something may pop up, and it usually does. if we woulda waited a few weeks we would be there for mardi gras, but alas, it wasn't meant to be, next year for sure ... for now we're trying like all get to be back home to stay by the jazz fest, in late april.

we'll try to sneak in some posts and pics while we're there, if we can find enuff time in between the drinks, the food, the familia and friends (oh yeah, and the work), which kinda only leaves time for sleep, which is something we can do when we get back to reno. well, we gotta go pack and catch a flight ... toodle-oo ya'll!

... and to put us in a po-boy eatin', crayfish suckin', oyster shuckin', fall-down drunk frame of mind, from the good doctor, on mp3, via yousendit:

dr john - goin' back to new orleans
dr. john - gris gris gumbo ya ya
dr. john - sweet home new orleans
dr. john - walk on guilded splinters
dr. john - mac's boogie


Blogger Laurie said...

Have a great time! Hard or not, I'm sure it'll be nice to get back home. For some reason, we're even having trouble getting crawfish down here. Everyone keeps running out. Good luck!

2:42 PM CST  
Anonymous Leo the Wop said...

You better let me know when you're home.

I plan to see you with Miles in tow, as it's about time he gets to meet Uncle Mike.....Your mom didn't adopt me for nothin'...

And check the mail before you leave, I sent that package some time ago....

11:18 AM CST  
Blogger dickvandyke said...

Safe journey old cock.
May the sun shine above you.

1:36 PM CST  
Blogger Snave said...

Happy trails, Sleepy! Hope all is getting better in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast!

Love your selections... of the 18 albums you picture, I have 12. I like the NIN disc quite a bit, and the Sufjan Stevens is my favorite disc of 2005. Those Marx Bros. DVDs are a hoot too, eh!

12:23 AM CST  
Blogger Johnno said...

Have a good trip Sleepy, that massive pile of crawdaddies (as you call em) makes me wanna go out and catch some Yabbies (as we call 'em)

6:43 PM CST  

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