Saturday, January 14, 2006

let's pretend it's summer!

it's well into winter but it just doesn't feel like it here lately. in 'the biggest little' it's been rather nippy in the morning and doesn't get much better all day, but it's alot finer than last year at this time. a year ago there were a series of storms that dropped about 7 feet of snow onto the truckee meadows, starting around christmas, and by the 12th of january reno was totally snow bound. no one could get around town at all as the sideroads were nothing but huge snow drifts. usually when it snows here it is melted away in a few days but this was an onslaught. it came down so hard for so long that it just made everything look like it was covered with a thick blanket of marshmallow. (seems the forecasters never saw it coming and we got caught, pants down. they can never figure how the weather is gonna act comin' over the high sierras. i find this amusing, coming from new orleans where ya know just where it's gonna rain, and when!).

being quite the homebody i found it all rather romantic and serene, but then again i didn't have to venture out and about to do that thing most people do. apparently it was not a lot of fun for the rest of the normals that must do that daily do. i know s.a. was slipping , sliding and falling every time she walked out the door (with a few nice bruises to prove it), and i would be just another statistic at the e.r. with a broken something or other if i jouneyed too far from the wreckroom.

the local paper says that we're gonna get a nice weekend blizzard of sorts. guess it's just a matter of time. but knowing the weather forecasters here it'll just be rainy and real windy ... then cold as all get. we really don't ever wanna deal with that much snow ever again, tho' it was mighty purdee!

right now the weather radar shows snow on the otherside of the mountains pushing it's way into reno. one never knows around here just how bad it'll be until it's too late. so today we're just gonna hunker down, light a fire, have some cocktails, watch cartoons with the sound turned down and listen to summer-like warm music ... a few of which are ripped to mp3 and submitted here for a little while via yousendit:

the brian jonestown massacre - let's pretend it's summer
sly and the family stone - hot fun in the summertime
xtc - summer's cauldren
mungo jerry - in the summertime
elvis costello - the other side of summer
seals and croft - summer breeze
the loving spoonful - summer in the city
the who - heatwave
jimi hendrix - long hot summer night

a little bonus ... (this is kinda for ms. laurie, if she's got the bandwidth, i never knew she was quite the 'freak')
a viddy of jimi at woodstock doin' 'fire' (33.7 k mpg file)

and for all those that were brutal enuff to do the first bit, here is part two of the three part radio program, the jimi hendrix story (as summited to the w'room by a.g., and god knows where he found it ... it's a hefty 1 hr 33 min mp3 file)


Blogger dickvandyke said...

Thanks for the waves of warmth Sleepy dear boy.

Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey here too!

Has there ever been a point to bleak mid-winter? Other than to bring hope and anticipation for feeling the sun on your back once more?

Mungo Jerry eh ... you old badger!

2:51 PM CST  
Blogger Benny said...

I love the photos. I love snow. I don't miss it, yet, but I do love it.

Right now, it's 70 degrees and sunny in Tampa.



8:57 AM CST  
Blogger griff le riff said...

how great is that version of heatwave by The Who?!!!!!
*takes scarf off and starts dancing across the living room carpet to throw open the windows*

i know it's late but,, Happy New Year Sleepy.

4:21 PM CST  
Blogger Laurie said...

Great pictures and great Hendrix song. It was so different that what I've heard him do before. Thanks!

6:53 PM CST  

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