Monday, July 31, 2006

goin' down south

this big ol' house appears to be not going anywhere, so we are. it's time to make another trek across this big ol' country to carry a big ol' load of records and other various sundries down south. i have no problem with driving the 1200 miles, i just hate flying back. we were gonna hold on until the house sold, but that ain't exactly going as planned. so we make a run, come back and probably leave for good before winter, sold or not.

did i say i hate to fly? i really hate it... i just may stay in metry this time, tell s.a. that i'll watch 'casa de wreck' until we sell this monolith... yeah, right. it's not that reno is bad, in fact it is quite nice when you're not 5 feet under snow (winter here can be a real bitch). there's lots to do and see the rest of the year tho, but it just ain't home.

i do love to drive across this country. it is so many things in the course of a few days, a lot more if ya linger to look around and soak it in. growing up in a travelin' jazz band afforded very few opportunities to linger. my dad would take advantage of off days like clark griswald, always searching out the largest frying pan in the world, the solar system's biggest ball of foil, or some side-road freak show consisting of a trailer, a thick-faced, stumpy barker and some fool buried in a clear box filled with snakes. anything within a days drive.

but god forbid if we had to pee and he was on a deadline. mom would just pass the pee jar while dad growled 'we pee when the car needs gas', and we'd just keep truckin' on down the road. but we sure saw some cool shit in the weirdest places, just don't have the time today tho...
ahhhh, the good ol' days...

s.a. and i got to know each other very well while driving from new jersey to reno (via new orleans) after not seeing each other for a few decades. we had so much fun we've hit the road to the easy nearly every 6 months for the last five years. yep, a long road trip will break hardy men, make enemies out of lifetime friends, or make friends out of complete strangers.

s.a. is as fired up about getting back to metry as i am. she has a beautiful new $20.000 kitchen to do what she wants with. and i couldn't be happier for her, cuz i get a new improved, expanded wreckroom in which to carry out my sound and vision experiments free of hinderence from the outside world.

well, i still gotta make a few more cd's for the road, pack a book and my dobro and then we are outta here,
happy trails ya'll!

another one of the road cd's, in mp3, that'll be around here almost til we get back to reno:

red hot chili peppers - road trippin'
bob dylan - highway 61 revisited (alt mix)
junior parker - drivin' wheel
canned heat - on the road again
eddie kendrix - keep on truckin' (extnd)
bobby 'blue' bland - farther up the road
deep purple - highway star
aretha franklin - freeway of love
wille lofton - dark road blues
king crimson - vroom vroom
creedence clearwater revival - side o' the road
rem - drive
sir douglas quintet - she's about a mover
madness - driving in my car
soul surivors - expressway to your heart
the grateful dead - truckin'
the north mississippi allstars - goin' down south
muddy waters - louisiana blues


Blogger Carl Abernathy said...

Have a safe trip, bud. Savor the sights and the tunes.

9:14 PM CDT  
Blogger dickvandyke said...

Be happy and safe old boy & young lady. Watch out for the bears, beavers and skunks n stuff. (You DO have those beasts don't you? .. Lucky if you see a dog with all 4 legs intact where I come from).

Look after each other.

Oh, and ta very much for the songs.

12:17 PM CDT  
Blogger WebKittyn said...

Hi there!

Just wanted to come by and say hello and welcome to the Shitty Blogs Club!

Come by the forums, we have cookies!

3:34 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great group of songs, thanks for sharing.
I am one of your faithful readers and have posted just a few times, I did want to mention, appropro of nothing, that you need to check out this month's Paste magazine...if you haven't already; there's an article on Andy Partridge.

Take it easy,
Lori in Texas

6:33 PM CDT  

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