Monday, August 21, 2006

are we scared yet?

well, we made it to a vibrant metry and got back without too much incident. in fact, the whole trip was actually great until we had to fly back to reno... via atlanta, where we spent the night at gate t-3 coz we missed the last flight out. it was totally my fault, as i brain-farted and forgot the time change (still, s.a. thought any city below the mason-dixon line was in 'southern time').

we sat in the bar and drank until they ran us out, then parked under a row of seats in front of a t.v. full of cnn, covered ourselves in found airplane blankets, and munched on the food we had brought back from the easy, (hubig pies, pralines, and man i was sorry i never tried to smuggle that po' boy back like i had wanted).

we literally had the terminal to ourselves, with not a thing to do but try and sleep. a starbucks was right there, so we loitered around waiting for it to open at 5am (their time). it seemed like such a long, long wait.

one cannot obtain much rest when every five minutes the p.a. is screeching out the latest homeland in-security warning about impending liquid death in the skies over amerika. it was such a joke to listen to this tripe about no this, that, and everything, then get all the drinks on the plane anyways. everyone thought it was all bullshit.

the whole flying experience has gotten appallingly more scary... everyone you meet looks like scared and frustrated sheep, ready to bolt. the anxiety is electric and oppresive. they really do go all out to try and frighten the shit out of us. so much for fly the friendly skies, forever. i am so glad i don't fly for a living anymore and that i'll never have to do that again.

since the only time we ever feel scared is when traveling by air, a few songs to enhance our fear of flying and things as they are today in general, in mp3, via yousendit, available for as long as it takes to put your stuff back on after clearing security:

10cc - clockwork creep
the motors - airport
david bowie and nine inch nails - i'm afraid of americans
the faces - flying
john lennon - scared
red hot chili peppers - aeroplane
husker du - eight miles high
the kinks - acute schizophrenia paranoia blues
albert hammond jr - scared
xtc - terrorism
frank sinatra - leaving on a jet plane
barney - the airplane song


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