Thursday, September 28, 2006

live! from new orleans (part deux)

well, what a blast monday was. we're here in reno and it has still taken all week for the glow to even start to wear down. in new orleans it must be electric... just making it a bit easier to get back to the dirty work once again (times-picayune columnist chris rose gives us an idea).

in case you missed it monday was new orleans' coming out party. the uber-arch enemy of the saints were coming to town. the atlanta falcons were 2 and 0, the saints were 2 and 0. they got the superdome all fixed up and invited the whole world to watch. we sucked-up the hype all afternoon on espn, looking for faces of friends in the sea of people. it all felt like the build-up before a superbowl game. man was it worth it! the bayou boys whooped the dirty birds 23-3, and, for this week, own the nfl south. not only beating them but making vick and company look useless. this was not their day. it was ours. they may go on to bigger and better things, september 25th will always be our day, and god did we need this.

i don't think anyone really cared if the saints won or lost. we were just so damn happy to see that beautiful building back up and running... but as has been noted in a few places, there were things that didn't seem quite right. the crowd seemed very vanilla, not at all like the regular mix in the dome on any given sunday during the fall. i guess that just reflects how things are down there. there are a great many things there not right yet.

but for one day the city got to blow off some steam, and was rewarded for it by a fantastic football game, the likes of which had not been seen in new orleans in a very, very long time.

of course there was another story monday. u2 and green day (plus the rebirth and new birth brass bands) ripped through a 9 min. medley just before the game that was heartfelt, a bit political and all out fun (but what was that 'house of the rising dome' thingy?).

we are almost outta here and on the road to the easy. the house is rented, the remnants are being packed as i peck and the trip starts on october 11th. the energy around the wreckroom is focused... get the fuck home! so i guess we will...

...and just in case you missed all of this somehow...

...and if that ain't enough, here's the bands doing a photo shoot on the abbey road crossing...
oh yeah, and the live mp3 of the show at the dome, ripped and posted on yousendit for a lil bit o' time:

u2 and green day - the saints are coming (new orleans superdome 09-25-06)

(i haven't got it yet, but the single can be appropriated from rhapsody. the proceeds go to a great cause and the song rocks... i'm sure i'll need to do this real soon.)

and of all things, naming rights for the dome, pink taco dome? as if the talk of making the dome into a bowl of wheaties wasn't enough...


Anonymous Moe said...

Oooooooh have OUTDONE yourself here darling! My boys missed the show, so they will be THRILLED to be able to watch it here! And the mp3...well I'm very thankful to have it. GOOD LUCK 10/11 on the trek home! And answer your e-mails damn it :) Moe

11:42 AM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

thanks much moe! i am glad we made your day. and you should know me by now, but i do promise to answer you pronto! like right now...

7:11 PM CDT  
Blogger sonicfrog said...

Hope you like my teams ex QB, Drew Brees. I wasn't pleased at all when the Chargers let him go, though it looks like it worked out well for both teams. wouldn't that be cool if your team and my team played in the Super Bowl?

12:57 PM CDT  
Blogger dillyberto said...

This is a fine blog.

You've got some great insightful posts, fun links, and an imagination.

Oh, yeah, Metry vision makes all the difference. You know what Our Community is all about.

5:05 AM CDT  

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