Friday, September 01, 2006

time to cut and run

i trashed the post i had planned for the anniversary of that thing, it has been just too much katrina overload and i really didn't feel like adding to the mess, so to speak...

well, we decided to chuck it all in here and head for home in metry. 'casa de wreck' is humming along better than expected and this house in reno is going nowhere fast (the neighborhood is now packed with houses for sale, unlike a year ago, pre-k, when we coulda got anything we wanted, what a difference a year makes). so the girls gave their 2 week notice and that means we are outta here!

we're gonna pack up kimmy and kid, harpo, sadie, sam, 2 frogs and the cat, and everything we haven't already moved and, as they say, just do it. i think the trip home last month did it, well, that and the idea of spending another winter here maybe. we leave here in about 5 weeks and everything is all set, barring another, uh, nevermind...

it's funny how people here in reno react to the news of us going back to metry. most of them still think we are kidding, but some think us crazy and foolish (then again most of those have never been east of the rockies). yeah, we may be a bit whacked going through all this just for it to happen again... this year?... next?... in 5?..., oh well, home is where the head is, so that's where we're heading (and none too soon to suit us).

i guess it is sorta like the old west down there, or like the old south, since new orleans has always been a pretty tough town. its history is bloated with atrocities of all sorts, man made and not. it makes for a pretty resilient breed of folk too. we know nothing's very easy in the easy right now. we still got work to do as does almost everyone else we know. but we got a good feelin' about this. we feel very lucky, a lot of people still can't get back at all, or have nothing to come back to. the thought of that makes me wanna cry. it's really hard to say goodbye to new orleans.

the yats (locals to ya'll) always said the reason the city parties so much is because we're just living in a bowl, five feet below sea level, surrounded by water, and waiting for the crack. sure it's not exactly safe, but where in the world is safe?

at least with a hurricane you have a fair amount of time to get outta the way. not like living on a faultline or in tornado alley. the price of living in the easy is worth it, the food, the music, the people, the good times and even the bad times; it's all too good to give up.

we are itchin' to get back to all the little things we love about that place; grabbing beignets and cafe ole around the corner each morning, hanging out at tipitina's or snug harbour gettin' a nice dose of southern culture, or boiling crayfish and drinkin' with family and friends in the backyard watching the thunderstorms roll in on a hot afternoon... oh yeah, and po' boys anytime of the day within a walk away...

here's some recent news about the big easy:

Report: Overhaul system or New Orleans will suffer again

do you know what it means to myth new orleans

not much has changed

and a few of our favorite songs in mp3, via yousendit for less time than it takes to de-water the city that care forgot:

gary 'u.s.' bonds - new orleans
muddy waters - louisiana blues
dr. john - sweet home new orleans
dukes of dixieland - do you know what it means to miss new orleans
fats domino - walking to new orleans
tragically hip - new orleans is sinking
leadbelly - new orleans
louis armstrong and the dukes of dixieland - bourbon street parade
better than ezra - king of new orleans
elvis presley - new orleans
dire straits - planet of new orleans
rebirth brass band - new orleans
freddie cannon - way down yonder in new orleans
sonny boy williamson II - city of new orleans
tom waits - i wish i was in new orleans (in the 9th ward)
dr john - goin' back to new orleans


Blogger dickvandyke said...

The very best of British to all the Sleepy Squadron. (And don't lose those frogs).
You tell an admirable tale of courage, passion and hope old boy.
May that spirit keep you healthy and happy .. at home where you belong.
Tara kid.
And a Cheery Beery from me.(Hic)

4:26 PM CDT  
Blogger Laurie said...

What do those crazy people in Reno know?! I'm excited for you! It will all work out and where better to work it out than New Orleans?! Woo hoo!!

8:56 PM CDT  
Blogger Peter (the other) said...

Oh yeah, this was coming, for months now. The best of voyages, and to a wonderful life ahead in the place where your heart beats so strongly for. I'll be waiting to read about it.

11:21 AM CDT  
Blogger Tim said...

New Orleans needs you, Master Bomb. Nobody's painted the name of a local band on the railroad bridge for far too long.



1:42 PM CDT  
Blogger leomange said...

i wish you a safe trip, sleepy. too bad i'm no longer east of the rockies to give you a place to stop, but i'm sure you don't need me as an excuse. go where you're feeling free, and all the luck in the world to ya!

1:36 AM CDT  
Blogger The Stiltwalker said...

whew! that pic of that sandwhich really took me back.

4:29 PM CDT  
Anonymous Moe said...

Soooo glad to hear that yall are heading back to Metry! Living in AZ...I can honestly say that the DESERT SUCKS! Have a safe trip back and looking forward to reading of your adventures when you arrive!

10:57 AM CDT  
Anonymous web surfer said...

I came across your blog from a music blogroll. I'm from New Orleans and found myself in Portland,OR. I'm going back in a few weeks to New Orleans. The rent is expensive now but I don't care. No one can understand you better than other people from New Orleans.

12:17 AM CDT  

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