Monday, August 15, 2005

my stupid monday

i have nothing to say, other than i was a real bonehead all day...
i took s.a. to work this morning thinking i had a doctors visit this after, (kimmy's still has my lil red truck. last week someone even stole my nine inch nails and nothing records stickers off the back window while she was at work. the stickers were all beat up and sun wrecked, some silly punk fools i'm sure. i still have a stack of the nothing stickers and the nin only cost a few bucks. they'll go on the new improved big red truck!).

anyways, i drop s.a. off, come home, and start to make mac and cheese for breakfast, (mmmmm!), while playing with a new acid tune ... not a good idea.
i just get completely consumed in acid, the 'fones on, turned up, ripping and cutting loops, pasting and tweaking, all focused into the now. but i really need to not do that when i am alone with pasta on the stove. by the time i realized it the alarm was blaring and a heavy, smokey odor of burnt macaroni was wafting into the wreckroom... needless to say there was a much cheesier batch the next time, (don't tell s.a. . . . . oops, she'll know when she reads this).

then i go to the docs . . . i walk in, like i always do, as if i own the place, sashay up to the counter and proclaim, 'i am here for my 3:30'. the girl on the phone looks at me, shrugs, turns to her computer. she glances back up and says, 'you're early'. i look at my watch, 3:34. 'no, actually i am a little late', i smirk. then she glares at me, 'no, you're REALLY early. your appointment is next month'. she goes back to her call. i turned and walked out, my tail between and the door shut to sound of the staff in giggles ... well, like mom said, always leave them laffing . . .
so, that was my monday, and other than the usual physical impediments it wasn't real bad. . . i found dylan's 'don't look back' on dvd for 14 bucks at best buy and my blog buddy 'nostra', in denver, sent a very cool cd of various bullshit to the wreckroom for the ride to new orleans, (thanks so much k-man!) ... plus i got a new ditty to keep me off the streets for awhile.

so, here is the song i was burning pasta to, very new, under-cooked, (unlike the pasta), and i dunno, stupid, in an acid-kinda way. i may keep on working it, or not ... if i do i'll post as i go. lemme know whatcha think . . .

(dumped on yousendit)
the metry wrecks - a party (first drink mix)


Blogger nostradumass said...

man, haven't had a day like that in awhile. burnt mac n cheese is worse than burnt popcorn. my sympathies to the wroom.

glad you liked the cd... god-, allah-, vishnu-, or nothing-speed to you back to the easy. peace.

4:11 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

yeah buddy, twas pretty nasty, tho s.a. got a good laff. btw nos', i am soon to recieve an elliott dvd soon, the one with 'strange parallel', a few viddys and some show. . . you want?

8:14 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds good to me. is that new or has it been around for awhile? cuz i'm under the impression there's a new one on the horizon.

cool, later...

6:46 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

hey nos, go check out the dvd list on the right, even tho it hasn't arrived yet i put it up coz the 'strange parallel' viddy is excellent fun. i can hardly wait to see the concert footage too ...

9:24 AM CDT  

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