Wednesday, August 31, 2005

an open letter to george bush ...

sorry ya'll, things are kinda wrecked in the ol' room the last few. we have gotten to snapping and yapping at one another ... and the water is still rising in new orleans (but we are light years better in reno than what we are seeing).

this is so fuckin' heartbreaking, will this ever end? where is the help? we said this before, those people are being left to hang on the line! regardless of whether they should have left or not, something needs to be done ... before it's too late. and it is for too many. how long could you hang for, without anything? it is really a shame that these poor souls can't see all the moving tributes done for them on the main stream media, with pictures of people dying on the side of i-10 outside of metry interspersed with moving cuntry muzak and the stumbling words of our majesty giving yet another rousing speech of more hallow words and idle promises ... stay the fuckin' course. but i swear he said something about 'i feel your pain' in there, fuckin' disgusting ... almost threw up my mre!

now, i know i made a promise to not get political in here, but i need to vent ...

this is a national disgrace, wait, not just that, a global disgrace, and the problem is not just new orleans alone ... there are over a million people with no source of even fresh water to drink or a place to sleep, up and down the gulf coast. but it's new orleans that really needs to be addressed, yesterday. there are a few thousands that never heard the petty politician's hard-nosed speeches of '... strength and resolve, and we are doing our best, and help is on the way!' all of that is starting to sound very stupid, worn and so much like any machine that covers up it's short comings, ... yada yada yada, yaba dabba doo! and let's just wait for the death count ...

an open letter to the president ...

mr bush, you can't stop the pictures coming out of new orleans. this is much worse than baghdad. this is in america! this is our homeland ... where is our homeland security? (what an oxymoron!), where are OUR national guard, who enlist just for reasons like this, to help their neighbors in their time of need, even as they lose all their own ... they should not be killing iraqis, they should not be looking for fake w.m.d. or creating psuedo-democracies in the guise of imperialism for your fat-cat buddies.
where are our troops?

what if this was a terrorist attack on america? an a-bomb in new york, or d.c. ... is this the promise you made so that you could steal the white house again? ... to keep america safe? is america safe? i see a very unsafe city of almost a million in total meltdown, and it is just 3 FUCKIN' DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is america!
we are getting a quicker response from those countries that ignore your views, even france knows what is right when it comes to humanity ...

where is the help for your countrymen mr bush? are they not rich enough? are there not enough suv's buried in the florida beaches? will this catastrophe help jeb in '08? is this gonna help the polls you claim you don't pay attention to?

what the fuck are you gonna do? the economy you brag about is gonna fold, coz now no-one will ever wanna go back there to do business, and america's business flows thru new orleans. just watch the numbers that get really skewed real soon, and this is not gonna spin away. no matter how ya'll spin it. here is your legacy, enjoy.
too little, too late ... or as laura would probably say, 'same old george, just like his dad'.

oh yeah, and thanks for the fly-by big 'w', that photo op should sink you like new orleans ... but you stink a bit more.
p.s. you coulda at least brought some bottled water ...
uh, mr bush ... mr bush?
damn, asleep again ...
shhh ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:14 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:18 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:41 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:58 AM CDT  
Blogger sonicfrog said...

Holy Fucking Crap!!!!

You just poured your heart out in anguish, and what do you get????

Advertisements. Fucking Advertisements.

PS. wanna buy a watch? JK:-)

4:20 AM CDT  
Blogger Devilfish said...

I can't believe the fucking gall of these shitty companies trying to market themselves whilst all these people are dying and their lives ruined. Hope things get better sleepy.

8:40 AM CDT  
Blogger Johnno said...

Well mate, I hope that your family and friends have called in OK.

I've looked around the traps and this is a bloody disgrace, Harry's picked up a story about some poor wretches at a convention centre having guns drawn on them and food dropped from a great height, and now I see your response.

I don't think it's political at all, it's just asking for some common sense and decency which seems to be sorely lacking.

Take care and once again I hope all your friends and family are well.

4:16 AM CDT  
Blogger Laurie said...

I'm going to link to this post. It's exactly what I'm been thinking even before the levee broke. Shouldn't have extra security been thought about as soon as the most crime-ridden area of the city became totally uninhabitable? Pisses me off.

11:10 AM CDT  
Anonymous Sophmom said...

Well said, sleepy!! Thanks for the great post. I wandered in by way of Laurie's blog. My son is (was?) a sophomore at Loyola.

I don't fault those folks for not leaving. They had neither the means nor the time. Where were the buses? Where were they to be taken? No one wanted them and no one wants to go into their world to help them. It's a national disgrace.

12:50 PM CDT  
Blogger Snave said...

Excellent post, Sleepy. I find it interesting that the hated Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has offered to help, and even more interesting that there has apparently not been an official U.S. response to him. Go figure.

Bush came out of 9-11 looking like a hero, but I think he will come out of this disaster looking like a scared, confused chump.

7:15 PM CDT  
Blogger ~The Goofy Ass Chick said...

There are so many people who agree with your opinions of the disgrace George W. Bush has laid on this nation. I'm appalled at his glib press interviews. I'm appalled of the lack of caring.

Everytime Bush goes on vacation a disaster strikes.

9:32 PM CDT  
Blogger dickvandyke said...

Keep going, our kid.

4:07 PM CDT  
Blogger Crabbi said...

Hey Sleepybomb,

I'm so sorry. Thinking of you and yours. That was a great rant - I hope that Bush's callousness will finally become obvious to the sheeple. Damn him.

10:13 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

cooler heads in the wreckroom now prevail, but the sentiment remains. thanks for all the links to the post and all the support from friends and blog buddies. it seems we are not the only ones who have seen this for what it is. there will be rolling heads all up and down the political food chain. it's just nice to know you are not alone in a sea of madness. thanks ya'll! it's outta my hands now ...

7:55 PM CDT  

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