Saturday, December 17, 2005

one more christmas mix

well, it's been a crazy week of more lies and denials, just in time for the season of giving. christmas is under attack, if ya listen to the fuck-up whack jobs on fox news and in the white house, but we don't see much of that bru-ha-ha. we been shopping and spreading cheer and it seems it is quite alive and throbbing as it should be, as it has since we can remember. what a load of right wing bullshit. we need to be nice, not stupid. so, in the manner of the holidays we send another batch of 'christmas' tunes to welcome the yule.

we are spending the night, cuddled by the fire, watching 'christmas vacation' and 'it's a wonderful life' and thinking how wonderful life really is ... we're avoiding calling over seas so georgie doesn't get wind of what evil non-american thingys we are up to (even tho s.a.'s sis is in egypt and is a big non-threat to national security, too silly and could give a shit anyways), we don't want another terrorist threat, such as having a nice time with family. my wish this christmas is for george to send his bimbo daughters to iraq to entertain the troops, if ya know what i mean (it's the least they should do!), ... for all those dodgers to go over there and clean up that mess he wanted so badly for his pork fed buddies, and finally, to get all of our kids home for christmas to be where they should be, god bless all of those poor souls that were dupped ... enuff!

a bit of cheer via yousendit, tax-free and no ads in the w'room ...
phish - a christmas without weed
tom petty - it's christmas all over again
fats domino - i'll be home for christmas
stiff little fingers - white christmas
lowell fulson - lonely christmas
xtc - countdown to christmas party time
eek a mouse - christmas a come
sufjan stevens - that was the worst christmas ever
ramsey lewis - christmas blues
joe satriani - a heavy metal christmas
d.i. - mr grinch
badfinger - the christmas song
ray charles and ella fitzgerald - baby it's cold outside
fountains of wayne - i want an alien for christmas
george thorogood and the destroyers - rock and roll christmas


Blogger MAB said...

hey sleepybomb

yet another great xmas mix - cheers!

may you and yours get (at least some of) what you want for xmas and may the stars shine bright over the wreckroom

3:09 AM CST  
Blogger dickvandyke said...

Aah young Sleepy, I knew you wouldn't let us down.
Roll me in brandy butter and bite my chubby white arse; this is another sparkling top of the tree offering.
Your mixes are the measure of Christmas blog music dreams.

1:14 PM CST  
Blogger sonicfrog said...

Thank man! This will make (A). a great gift for a few people, and (B). Eric, the bari sax player from "Let's Go Bowling" berry happy. He will be here tomorrow night and he'll love this.

12:17 PM CST  
Blogger Danno said...

Great mix M.A., as always!

I agree, we're supposed to enjoy Xmas.
I think this is more of a media pot stir than anything, I take very little of what they say to heart, and they sure as hell won't get between me and my eggnog!

...or my copies of Christmas Vacation, and It's A Wonderful Life for that matter. What says Xmas more than IAWL and Eggnoq with a few pongs of bourbon stirred in? (By the way, I do an excellent Ole Man Gower impression. ('Gowrge!!! You're not payed to be a caanary!' and my famous 'Why you laaazy loaffer.' ) Potter too. (Sennimenal Hogwaaaash!)
I love to get Sh!tfaced and watch IAWL. The alcohol really brings out the emotions of the movie. :-)

4:36 PM CST  

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