Thursday, December 01, 2005

happy christmas beatle people!

for seven years the beatles released an annual christmas record for members of the fan club. it began in 1963 as the four of them sat around a microphone in abbey road studios to record a thank you message, but by '66 they were making it a small epic, of sorts, using audio skits and new songs, and by '69 they weren't even doing it together at all, just piecemealing stuff they each recorded at home, then handing it over to kenny everett (the bbc dj) to edit for release. in december 1970, after the band broke up, apple records released all 7 christmas records on one l.p., again, only to the fan club.

for years this was really hard to find on any medium (i was lucky to have a friend whose sister belonged to the fan club and had them all, including the l.p., which she would not part with but let me tape, so i at least could listen to 'em). now the price for any of these is unreal, as you can imagine. but thanks to the wonders of the internet you can find these lil gems, tho sometimes for a hefty sum also (i found a nice cd of the set along with the other christmas tunes done by each after the split on ebay a while back, but i'd love to own the l.p. in vinyl before i die)

the beatles were always big on christmas. they would plan album and single releases for the holidays and even had a kinda off-broadway christmas show in the early years. and as mentioned in a previous post, it meant a guaranteed record under the tree on the morning of december 25th each year. i still miss those times, but at least we got the christmas records to fill the house with cheer when it comes at the end of every year ...

here are the very hard to find fan club flexie disc records on mp3 download for you to put under the tree for that special santa on your list ...

The Beatles' Christmas Record

Another Beatles' Christmas Record

The Beatles' Third Christmas Record Pantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas

Christmas Time is Here Again!

1968 Christmas Record

The Beatles' Seventh Christmas Record


Blogger Dfactor said...

Sleepybomb - You've outdone yourself! Well done! Listening to Lennon's silliness as I type....

1:50 PM CST  
Blogger Peter (the other) said...

Indeed, a wonderful collection, a nostalgic joy and wonder, even again, at their genius. Thank you for providing it!

6:15 PM CST  
Blogger Laurie said...

Oh,my! This is my favorite so far. Just great!

8:04 PM CST  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

thanks ya'll ... i almost delayed this post as it was so close to the white album thingy, but it seems there is more time to soak up these gems doing it early. we have been laffin' and gigglin' for the last week as the xmas stuff pours outta the speakers. the early ones are so dang funny with lennon just making hash out of everything he is given to read. and it sounds like they are just having such a blast doing what should be a tedious thing. gotta love them boys!

2:20 PM CST  
Blogger Tim said...

Fab stuff from the Fab Four! You have an amazing collection of music. I hate to admit it, but all these years of being a Beatles fan I've never even heard of these recordings! The student bows to the master...

And in other news, I've moved my blog to Blogger, so it'll be easier for you to keep up and for us to comment on each others' posts. It's at:
Stumble in sometime, won'tcha?

9:07 PM CST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how fun, thanks for this early christmas gift!
on a sad note, i figured you would be posting something about the beatles, or rather john, because tomorrow is the 25th (!!!) anniversary of that asshole that i won't name taking him from us! :(

sorry to be a bummer, but that's been on my mind.

thanks again tho dude!

lori in texas

7:04 AM CST  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

hey tim, i just so happened to find your new blog by accident yeasterday! good to see you move on up to the east side, and welcome to the 'hood.

lori, i got a post set up for the 8th, but i won't get all weepy-eyed like i did for his birthday. i kinda left it all out to the wind for that, i need something a bit lighter. like a ton of walrus'.

10:18 PM CST  
Blogger nostradumass said...

Holy moly! Sleepy, you got website of the weekend from counterpunch dot org!

Oh, and merry christmas. Hope yours is great.

1:56 PM CST  
Blogger alfi said...

Being born in the same hospital as John (oxford st liverpool), pehaps even the same bed!!! and having listened to the xmas floppies in the 60's I can only say thanks for the best chrimbo presie in years

7:14 AM CST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:56 AM CDT  
Anonymous psp game downloads said...

Geez. You bought back heaps of memories for me. It's like it came gushing back or something. Can;t wait for it to come around again.

5:39 PM CDT  
Anonymous Cory S said...

Wow, I got shivers from reading this. I read about it on Counterpunch!

3:32 AM CST  
Anonymous Samantha said...

Just finished downloading the songs... thank you very much. will enjoy these for a while to come.

12:11 AM CDT  
Anonymous Search Public Marriage Records said...

I make music I am going to sample these songs, they're so great.

12:15 AM CDT  
Anonymous Divorce Records said...

Wow, I know one girl who was born in the late 80s and the Beatles are her favorite music group! I will definitely be sending her this website.

3:51 PM CST  
Anonymous Stefan said...

The beatles are amazing. I know of even hip hop groups that have samples some of their songs

10:27 PM CST  
Anonymous Reverse Cell Phone Lookup said...

Beatles for life! just want to show my love.

3:32 PM CDT  
Anonymous Raymond Fujimoto said...

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nice post and thanks for sharing...

3:27 AM CDT  
Anonymous smiley face clip art said...

yes! spread the beatles love.

8:50 PM CST  
Anonymous How To Become A Fashion Designer said...

I love the Beatles!

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