Tuesday, May 16, 2006


looks as tho sufjan stevens is gonna extend his stay in 'illinoise' during his insanely ambitious musical 50-state trek... news about upcoming release of 'avalanche' is here and here.

it seems the ol' suf-man had a few extra songs recorded for 'come on feel the illinoise' , apparently he had alot to say about the prairie state, (i spent a few formative years in the village of niles, il. years later robin zander, of cheap trick, would giggle thru a stoned haze and exclaim to me that niles was the first suburb in america, tho i would beg to differ, i think that was levittown). we guess he decided to put out another album from the excess , or he just needs a bit of time cos he is doing more research for his next state/cd (he says he'll do new jersey by the exits on the turnpike, ha. i think i lived off exit 67 a few years ago, in barnegat, near the pine barrens, nevermind... it's a jersey thing. everything revolves around the garden state parkway there.)

but here's a leaked ditty from the cd 'avalanche', via yousend it for a shorter time than it takes to find the parkway:
sufjan stevens - adlai stevenson

plus one that prob will never make a record:
sufjan stevens - the 50-state song (live at the bluebird theatre in denver colorado 7-30-05)

and a song done for the rubber soul tribute 'this bird has flown':
sufjan stevens - what goes on

and a few tunes i left off the last post but shoulda included (was i drunk?), (no doubt)...
some kinks covers by the minus 5 (enjoy mr dvd!)...

the minus 5 - wicked annabella (from 'give the people what we want')
the minus 5 - get back in line (from 'this is where i belong')


Blogger dickvandyke said...

Fuck my old boots! That version of Get Back In Line by The Minus 5 just knocked me completely for six. (That's a cricketing term .. like a 'Home Run'. But then, you even know what the 'Dole' is old friend. (You seem more English than XTC at times Mr Sleepy!)).

Anyway, I'm ever so grateful.
Have a smashing weekend.

2:34 PM CDT  

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