Friday, May 05, 2006

for sale: house in reno

well, we finally got the house up for sale. as you can see it is a vast improvement over the way it was ...
whew, it just took slightly less than forever to get to this point, paintin' and cleanin' and all. but here we are. and we're now closer to home. altho not in time for this weekends jazz festivities.

my sister has a nasty habit of calling us from concerts in new orleans and sorta dick waving (she hit me yesterday, i have no idea who it was, daggnnabbitt). i did it too to friends, from baseball stadiums and various events around the country, so i guess it is just a bit o' catch back. not easy to swallow when you know who she may be catching (once in a while i nail the band she is watching, depends on the connection, had her with costello last year, the bass to 'pump it up' gave it away.) but at least once we're back she won't have that to do to me.

other stuff:
we went and did it, just when we shouldn't... got a new truck, a bit too big for the gas (it is $3 a gallon in reno now), but just big enuff to pull us and the little rav across country, while housing 3 dogs , a cat, and whatever else will fit. a new top o' the line, fully loaded, big, black, 2006 toyota tundra. ahhh, such a big ass un-american truck. almost as big as the wreckroom, with an almost comparable sound system. but hey, if we coulda got a sweet deal for just as good a truck from dodge, we'd a gone there. and they wonder why? oh well ...

the house is done so now it is up to the gods of getting outta reno to get us down the road, and back to the easy. then it is up to god knows what to keep us safe from there on out.

and, ahem... a few really silly truckin' tunes to giggle along to down the road in that big frickin' truck, burnin' fossil fuel and our next generation's lifestyle, via yousendit for a shorter time than it'll take us to get home:

grateful dead - truckin'
coal chamber - big truck
deep purple - space truckin'
eddie kendricks - keep on truckin' (complete)
franz ferdinand - truck stop
kid rock - trucker's anthem
bowling for soup - trucker hat


Blogger Reno Robert said...

I just found your blog..... Being from Reno myself I can only say I wish I found it sooner! Great remodeling on the house too....

11:49 PM CDT  
Blogger Snave said...

Ahhhh, R. Crumb!

I just replaced my old battered copy of "XYZ Comics" a couple of months ago...

Chuck the Duck sez, "Life is mostly hard work."

What a fantastic remodel on your house! Heh!

1:31 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

thanks reno rob, i checked yer blog, ya really need to post more often, i'll be checkin in to see if ya do ...

hey snave did ya check out the r. crumb site? he is selling old comics, for alot more than i paid in the early 70's. hell, if only i wouldn't have lost all my old freak bros comics in a divorce settlement (actually she kept them and laffed, probably sold them back to crumb, the bitch!)

8:23 PM CDT  

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