Saturday, May 06, 2006

let's go for a drive

the house is done, the kids are gone for the weekend and we're hanging around drinkin' and loungin', wishing we were at the muddy jazzfest. soon come, soon come.

last week, in the midst of preparing 'casa de wreck' for sale, i kinda pooped this viddy out. this one, opposed to 'american 195x', kinda made itself. i forgot i had downloaded this goofy film from the 40's about driving safely. an innocent looking film using stop-motion animation to convey the typical safety message to the public. ahhhhh, but it is really a graphic depiction of horrid driving skills. the yellow car is always the culprit (amongst others) and a few bits are really disturbing (the guy in front of his brokendown car getting reamed is almost funny if it weren't so sad).

so i took it and ripped it over a semi-ancient 4-track song i had written about taking a sunny day drive. the tune started innocently on mandolin and ended up as an homage to the beatles' 'good day sunshine' and the kinks' 'drivin''. it seemed so, appropo, for the found footage. sometimes shit just works for spiritual reasons... but this ain't one of 'em, this is just down right silly. hope ya'll enjoy this and laff as much as we have...

blue stone drive

* don't you think that the weather is fine, dear?
lock up the house and we'll go for a ride . . .

we've been working real hard, with the days too long,
we've got to get away. . .
jump in the car, bring the dog along,
everything can wait.

* don't you think that the weather is fine, dear?
lock up the house and we'll go for a ride . . .

just you and me and sadie makes three, we can't leave her behind.
here's a map we won't need of the places we'll see, we're going for a drive . . .

* don't you think that the weather is fine, dear?
roll down the windows and we'll go for a ride . . .

(pianny solo!)

sadie's in the back, got beatles on the box, not a cloud up in the sky.
there's some wine in my sack, and a lil' bit of pot, as long as you don't mind.
later we'll stop long enough to eat beneath a shady tree.
and if it gets hot, we can fall asleep, fall in each others dreams . . .

* don't you think that the weather is fine, dear?
lock up the house and we'll go for a ride . . .

(...and since youtube compresses the song to digital mush in the viddy here is presented just the tune for your listening pleasure:)

the metry wrecks - blue stone drive (mp3 - play lo-fi - play hi-fi)


Blogger Snave said...

Have a good, safe trip and stay safe once you're there!

1:29 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was awesome! makes me jones for the open road and booze!

safe trip to you sleepy.


8:12 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

we hope to have a safer trip than the clown in the yellow car as depicted in the viddy!
thanks ya'll, we're a bit closer ech and every day, yay!

8:18 PM CDT  

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