Wednesday, June 08, 2005

coming to an earhole near you

i stumbled upon steadman a while back looking for new stuff in the amazon reviews.
i liked it, bought it, played it for s.a. and it suddenly became one of our favorite kinda dance-around-the-house-while-we-work music.
sir paul said this was one of his fave bands a few yrs ago and they got rave reviews in britain, and of course, jack-squat in the states, (but being the anglophile i am i love almost anything that sounds like pop-rock from britain, so i love it).
they are very pop savvy songwriters, named after the singer and the second album 'revive' is near perfect rock confection.
so now we're waiting to see what they do next.
no word yet tho . . .

here is some steadman we listen to. . . to hold us over:
(mp3s via yousendit)
no big deal
good to go
(buy steadman!)

oh yeah, i tagged a few blog buddies for 'top 5's', if ya wanna see who did what check on 'the open mind', 'waved rumor' and 'the rubberwall' . . . but 'laurie' opted out and i had a strange feeling a bout 'nostra' so i didn't go there, (i think he'd miss his bus thinkin' of stuff) . . .


Blogger Helskel said...

too late, nostra already missed his bus!

or, rather, the bus missed him... like it is in the syntax of spanish...

don't know what this means?

yeah me neither

2:58 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

i think the po' boy needs some wheels, that bus shit is too scary. unless he revels in it, (which it seems he does).

11:29 PM CDT  

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