Saturday, June 04, 2005

yet another top 5 list

well, it seems my friend, the curmudengly crab, has tagged the wreckroom with a 'meme' . . . reminds me of the movie 'high fidelity', where john cusack's whole life revolves around top 5 lists and records. and that is so me.
so before i go tackle the yard on this beautiful saturday morning i'll drop my top 5s . . .

A. Top Five Lyrics that Move Your Heart:
god only knows - the beach boys (prolly the most beautiful song ever written)
guilty - randy newman (these words kinda hit too close to home for a lot of us)
surf's up - brian wilson ('columnated ruins domino!' . . . what a desperately hopeful song)
picture book - the kinks (i love hearing this on the hp commercials, turn it up and sing along!)
hellhound on my trail - robert johnson ( '. . . blues falling down like hail, blues falling down like hail', that plaintive howl of a man running from his demons is just so haunting)

B. Top 5 Instrumentals:
third stone from the sun - jimi hendrix (dunno if this counts because of the line 'you'll never hear surf music again', but it works for me so . . .)
flying - the beatles (what a wonderful dreamy piece of music)
underture/sparks - the who (cinematic popera by working class brits, a thing of beauty)
miserlou - dick dale (the best surf song, done)
spanish key - miles davis (a great driving song from a great driving album)

C. Top 5 Live Musical Experiences:
the sex pistols '78 at the kingfish in baton rouge (the greatest rock and roll show i ever attended!)
the stones in '78 in the superdome (seen them alot over the years but this was the best)
bob marley and the wailers '79 at a warehouse (this would count more as a spiritual experience than a concert)
paul mccartney '03 in the new orleans arena (a much better show than i ever expected, we had a lot of fun that show)
cream farewell tour '69 at the las vegas con center (all of 13 and my first real rock concert, with the grassroots and the animals opening. jeesh, what was unleashed that night)

D. Top Five Artists You Think More People Should Listen To:
elliott smith (dead tortured artist, but god he was so good)
north mississippi allstars (best blues band in the land!)
xtc (too many years of being ignored by the world)
billy harvey (mark his words, this kid from austin is gonna be famous one day)
gomez (those wacky liverpudlians sounding like americana)

E. Top Five Albums You Must Hear From Start to Finish:
brian wilson presents 'smile' (after all these years, it works on so many levels that it deserves to be played over and over)
the kinks are the village green preservation society (ray davies' shining moment, it works like magic)
revolver - the beatles (mmmm, yeah)
a wizard, a true star - todd rundgren (an aural assault on the senses, from philly soul to dogfight giggles)
dark side of the moon - pink floyd (this is so much better on cd 'cos you don't have to break the flow by flippin' the record)

F. Top Five Musical s/Heroes:
john lennon
bob marley
elvis costello
andy partridge
brian wilson
(you should know who they are by now)

some tunes related:
side 4 of the vinyl 'smile' (instrumentals of 'heroes and villians', 'cabin essence', 'on a holiday' and 'wind chimes' - running time 13:38) (buy 'smile')

independence day - elliott smith (10-10-98 at the 400 bar in minneapolis)

song for wes long - andy partridge (demo)

(mp3s via yousendit)

now i need to tag someone else . . .hmmmm . . .


Blogger J. Marquis said...

"Guilty" is a great song. I can always picture the guy sitting in a bar somewhere lamenting the way he's lived his life and how it's destroyed his relationships...

4:20 PM CDT  
Blogger nostradumass said...

damn good top fives. much better use of a saturday than yard work, in my humble opinion. thanks for the musical inspiration.

5:03 PM CDT  
Blogger Johnno said...

Good choices! Haven't popped in for a G'day.

I've seen a few similar questions floating around the blogosphere lately. So Brian's "Smile" is pretty good eh?

I'll have to hunt me down a copy, you've been on the mark so far.

8:41 PM CDT  
Blogger Laurie said...

Absolutely great. You are a music encyclopedia. I beg you not to tag me. I could not live up to the pressure.

11:21 PM CDT  
Blogger Blimunda said...

Great selections. It's a pleasure to visit your hidden place.

Abracos sempre

11:52 PM CDT  
Blogger Jason said...

Next time I'm in Reno...we'll jam Sleepy. I'll already thinking of picking up an A and a G

8:19 PM CDT  
Blogger Crabbi said...

Great list, s-bomb! God Only Knows is the best BB song ever. And I love that Billy Harvey site!

11:29 PM CDT  
Blogger dickvandyke said...

Nice work old boy.

XTC ... we've been there!
Kinks ... spot on. (I've just booked to see hero Ray Davies in York, UK in Sept)

Perhaps making lists is in your Top 5 list of obsessions!

8:47 AM CDT  
Blogger Helskel said...

The Pixies at Redrocks is in my top five Concert experiences, after last Sunday!

5:13 PM CDT  
Blogger Helskel said...

...but, that probably just casts a harsh light on what an inexperienced young dumbass I am.

I mean shit, Cream in '69!?

I withdraw my statement, and retract my birth!

5:15 PM CDT  
Blogger Helskel said...

that's right, I'm still talking.

Gomez! totally! I picked them outta bunch of crappy christmas gift selections at this mexican resturant I used to work at. It was a raffle or something. And I thought, "Gomez? well, the name's ok I guess... I know the other albums to pick from suck." And boy howdy was I suprised! Gomez is unique stuff.

5:23 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

wow, thanks ya'll . . .
i thought this was gonna be hard but it kinda just rolled off the fingers.
now ya gotta go see who i tagged to pick their minds . . . .

9:55 PM CDT  
Blogger Dfactor said...

Top Five punk rock songs to teach your kids why it was (is) great:
1 The Clash - White Riot
2 The Ramones - Commando
3 The Vibrators - Keep it Clean
4 The Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen
5 The Jam - In the City

ah fuck it, what's the point? Just go here and listen to all of 'em...

Peace out,

9:11 AM CDT  
Blogger Snave said...

Nice choices! I'll play too, and post my faves over at my site!

3:19 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

update . . .
helskel at 'the rubberwall' deferred so snave at 'are we there yet' picked up on it. . .
big hand to snave!

11:40 PM CDT  

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