Saturday, June 18, 2005

with all good intentions

another saturday night . . .
the girls are plowing through the sopranos 5th, (after the preliminaries of the 1st 4).
feeling somewhat bored and a bit inspired i had to play with something on the back-burner.
i had this buddy that would always bitch that i never answered his calls, (which was true enuff), and this song was the result. the first time he heard it he knew, the wise-ass.
but i think it was really about all my past failed relationships. it was just that i was not real attentive, i got a little distracted at times...i meant to be good, i wanted to be on time, i shoulda called... it all just didn't look good, always having a lame excuse.
i would like to think i am a little better at such things, (s.a. says i am), but this still rings too true.
well anyways, this is a saturday extra, of course, with all good intentions...

mp3 from soundclick:
'with all good intentions'

i was gonna write you this song, but the music didn't fit and the words were too long.
and then the dog took the tape, now it's buried in the yard, i won't find it 'til spring . . .
but that's ok, i had nothing to say.

i meant to call on the phone but mom dropped in with dinner a'la yesterday.
she stayed to tell me the news about my uncle sonny-jim and how i'm headed his way.. .
but you wouldn't know 'cos i never call.

i was gonna write you this song,
i meant to call on the phone.
i'm gonna buy you some flowers,
take you out on the town,
or come by your house just to hang around.
i'll make you promises long,
i'll make you promises deep,
i'll make you promises hard,
i'll make you promises that i know i can't keep.

i was gonna come your house with fresh-cut flowers and a bottle of wine.
but i ran into an old friend and to make up for lost time, well, we drank all the wine.
but you wouldn't know 'cos i never call . . .
ooh yeah, but that's ok . . . na na na na na na na

(© m.a.sample - wreckreation media 2005)


Blogger Laurie said...

Loved it! *You wouldn't know 'cos I never call.* Just great!

11:17 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

good girl! apparently you have been there too, on the recieving end. the prob is, i really was that sad bastard in the song, but i feel better now.

11:32 PM CDT  
Blogger griff le riff said...

hey sleepybomb, love the new track..
i too have often reneged on many call back promises.. and like your good self, often find myself drawn to the mixing desk whilst friends tut in some far off town..

re: yesterdays post...doing it on the net, without labels and the man, you can check out my bits and pieces at

6:28 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

mr griff, i am grateful for the listen, and i am heading over to check ya out as soon as i do this. i wish i'd known you had music out there too, you'd be on the previous post. . .
i'll find a spot and a link.

10:17 PM CDT  
Blogger Blimunda said...

Hey there. I'm glad you are feeling better now. Great tune and the good intentions are still the rule.

PS. opps.. love the Sopranos too.

11:40 PM CDT  
Blogger griff le riff said...

cheers for the link,
i have put a link to your soundclick page up on the wife.

2:39 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

you put the link on the wife?... did she put up a fight or take it laying down?
(thanks griff!)

9:41 AM CDT  

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