Monday, June 06, 2005

we're goin' to the dogs

i saw on the very cool reverand frost's site, spread the good word, a list and file from an old mix tape he made about jesus, (it's pretty funny . . . and yet, disturbing), and it got me to thinking . . . uh-oh.
i had this thing years ago about making mix tapes, ya know, themed thingys, like 90 min. tapes about cars or girl name songs or songs about drinking whilst boating and a few mixes of dog tunes. just so happens i made a run to sparks for much needed supplies and one of the dog mixes was in the truck
so, lacking for a post idea i'll steal his . . .

. . . here in all it's raw, dirty record analog taped glory is side one of dogs no. 1
(24 min mp3 @128 k via yousendit)

(this is the listing of the songs, too lazy to rip it up, sorry)
hey bulldog - beatles (this is sadie's fave beatle song, one of mine too)
buy 'yellow submarine'
shake dog shake - cure (this is from 'the top', one of the best cure lps, out of print in the u.s., figures)
buy the cure
walkin' the dog - stones (the boys doin what they did best, rippin' on rhythm and blues)
buy 'england's newest hit-makers!'
? - soul asylum (i forget what the title to this is. it is from a tape of all the early stuff i have. this is when soul asylum had some soul. if someone knows what this is lemme know. i can't be bothered to go digging in the archives for the tape cover) i can't find this anywhere for a link, must be a collectors item, nice!
diamond dogs - bowie (a very cool rock and roll song about, i dunno, diamond dogs or something, the lp is great and about 1984, i think, tho no mention of winston smith. still a very good brooding, dark, funky record)
buy 'diamond dogs deluxe'
sick as a dog - aerosmith (this is from the last great aerosmith lp, 'draw the line', (i hate most of the new 'smith stuff, tho it does have it's moments. i think i lived this song one month awhile back)
buy 'draw the line'

and something the reverand parr sent me . . . the internet kills!
and the faux bbc page
(this has to be the wierdest hoax in awhile)

so, until the next time . . . .


Blogger Reverend Frost said...

Nice !

3:34 AM CDT  
Blogger griff le riff said...

hey bulldog!
always one of my favourite beatles songs too...

8:14 AM CDT  
Blogger Helskel said...

yeah, the Reverend's gotta a cool site there!

4:58 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

thanks rev, you inspired me . . .
griff, great minds think alike . . .
yep, the frosty site is cool!

9:53 PM CDT  
Blogger Snave said...

"Seamus" by Pink Floyd off of the "Meddle" album might go well in there. Nice list!

Being OCD I tend to do compilations like this from time to time. I did one called "Space and Time" that had all songs with titles including those words, and one called "Jesus, GOD!" that was full of stuff either about Jesus and God or that had the names in the titles. Those were fun! I've also done ones with American place names, names of countries, and one for a friend who is obsessed with the number 333... on which all songs are listed on the album/CD cover as being 3:33 in length. Sheesh...

But it is definitely fun, eh!

3:15 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

actually, 'seamus' is on vol.3, (i got a ton o' dog tunes).
i love the idea of the '3:33' . . . i have one tape called '2 minute drill', all tunes under 2 min., that was a toughie to fill a 90 min tape. lotta dittys on that puppy.

11:37 PM CDT  

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