Friday, March 04, 2005

is it just me?

another day, another span of the blog-sphere . . . some of this shit is too funny!
i perused and found some interesting stuff . . .
for example,
there seems to be a growing number of blogs that contain lil pop-ups that make ya work too hard to see what they don't have to say, like "misunderstood" here, or the kids that kant evn speel, like "paradise gurl".
ok, there is some ass-funny shit out there too. . . like 'beautiful lingeries', where i learnt how to tune my rick 360-12 while lounging around in frilly panties.
but then again, ya got some really helpful stuff, like 'easy webbers', that actually shows ya how to hack blog shite.
i could go on and on about great sites to get stuff like mp3s, but most of those are in the links. . .
anyways, just some of this weird shit i found today . . .
p.s. no offence to any. . . . it may generate much needed traffic!


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