Wednesday, March 16, 2005

'it's wednesday'

there i was, boppin' thru the blogs and i stumble upon a wonderful poem on 'the rubber wall' called 'it's wednesday'. well i am not one to let a good poem sit all static, so i asked helskel if i could 'goof on it'. he told me, 'yeah, goof away'. then i got brave and told him i would have it done over the weekend, wednesday the latest. . . (i got a big mouth!)
i struggled with it a few days, it had a whole different feel going all weekend, and then yesterday morning i saw it another way, and it just kinda wrote itself.
it was recorded on my walkman recorder, (needed that demo feel), then ripped to mp3, and dumped to soundclick. all done in about 9 hrs. not a bad days work, but the money sucks.
still, the satisfaction is beyond any monetary rewards. he says it is for a girl, so if it get's him some lovin' it was worth it. . .
'it's wednesday' (stream from
the words


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