Tuesday, March 08, 2005

yeah! yeah! yeah!

well, george finally made it. . .
i got john, paul and ringo for x-mas, but it took a bunch of hrs on ebay to get george. i really love these macfarlane toys. also scattered around the wreckroom is both of the yellow submarine sets , the elvis comeback special and jimi @ woodstock , (with the whole stage!).
sorry, just felt like showing it off . . .
and, i found this really cool site with videos of the replacements, quite arguably the most quintessential drunken bar band of the eighties. i was lucky enuff to catch them in the big easy late '83, not long before the release of 'let it be' their 4th and best record. how they even stood up at all was amazing, but did they rock! what a clusterfuck of a band, it was the best show i had seen since the pistols in '78, controlled chaos most delicious.
i hear they were even wilder around the time this viddy was shot.
done in sept of '81 at some bar in minneapolis, it is really a bunch of clips that make up the whole show. (i don't know if the viddy exists, but it says that they opened for husker du,
who was another great band of the day . . . jeesh, minnie was a hot town in the mid-80's)
so, i ripped 'em and put it all together using vegas video and 'walla', it is awesome, if ya like that kinda thing. . . .
toodle-oo, gotta go put the cat down . . .


Blogger Snave said...

While the Mats were definitely the best drunken bar band of the 80's, I have to say that award goes to Guided By Voices for the 90's. I saw them on their "farewell tour" in November. Talk about Bacchanalia... !

On my weblog, if you check out the "Archives" for November, there should be a report in that show, illustrated with some fun photos.

Drink on, Bob, drink on!

2:01 PM CST  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

yeah, i would have love to have caught gbv live. i will go see what ya got, thanks!

7:55 PM CST  

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