Wednesday, March 16, 2005

it feels like wednesday Posted by Hello


Blogger nostradumass said...

It's crazy. I've known helskel for over a decade, and haven't done much collaboration. Usually his poems are more free/less structured, and definitely less rhyming. Now he gets a blog and he fancies himself a songwriter. I like what you've done with "it's Wednesday" and would like to see where it goes.

Also, helskel asked me what you recorded on... I figure the mac that is featured in your studio shots, but there's something in between that is a missing link for me. Of course, I'm a touch behind technologically, don't have a mac, don't have any recording know-how (though previous roommates have tried to get me up to pace--it's just very expensive and I have enough debt already).

anyway, what are you recording on? What would you suggest for the financially-challenged beginner who just wants to get some stuff down, but would like to multi-track as well. the previous roommates that i referred to in the prev. paragraph said i could get a decent 4-track for about $100 and a good mic for around $80 (mind you, he worked for a music store and was talking about utilizing the "bro discount").

and how would I go about converting a 4-track recording to an mp3? what else would i need?

7:33 PM CST  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

well, we need to talk, i'll get back to you about specifics, but . . .
i don't 'mac', i got a sony viao rx 880, souped with a raedon 1200 card, a scuzzi for the hp cd burner, and the creative 5.1 external sound thingy. but i think i will build my own tower next time. . . i ride HAL like the dog he is.
i also have two tascam 4 trks, an old butchered porta-2, and a mark2 that i found on ebay for a 100 bucks, (a very good deal).
but 'it's wednesday' was done at the wreck station using my little walkman recorder, then punched thru the creative box, mixed in acid and dumped to soundclick as an mp3 . . . that was the ez part. the writing was draining.
the thing is the software, i use almost all sony/sonic foundry stuff, acid, sound forge, vegas video. it could be considered expensive, but sony has a great set of beginner stuff, like the studio series, (i think they are like 50 bucks or so and well worth it if you can afford. and there is all kinds of trial vers to see if ya like. . .).
as for the technique, it's just a kinda do it, do it, do it thing.
i started this digital thingy about 7 yrs ago and am hooked. . . the next wave, and the horizons are boundless!
let's talk!

8:36 PM CST  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

oh, and as far as the poems that helskel writes, i just saw a song immediately . . . tho i had no idea how it would turn out. it just struck me as unique. i am glad he gave me a crack at making him a songwriter, which he is now. . .
(number 120 in soundclick, w/ a bullet!)

8:41 PM CST  
Blogger nostradumass said...

number 120 with a bullet!!! that's great!

I have to admit that what you said blew past my head, but I believe I shall google the products (the first step in research, not the last) and go from there. Let's communicate more over the next few days. My home is now online so maybe after my obligatory St. Paddy's day drink(s) I'll check in... otherwise, tomorrow for sure. Thanks for the info.

8:53 PM CST  
Blogger nostradumass said...

i googled and re-read your answers and it makes quite a bit more sense. i just have to ask myslef how bad i want it.

5:27 PM CST  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

i know i came on a lil' strong, it is just so natural to me. . .
to flip a recording on tape to a mp3 ya need something like a converter, to turn an analog sound to a digital file. i'll get back w/ some freebies asap.
as far as the 4trk, look on ebay b4 they kill the buy-now thingy. the deals are too good, my tascam mark2 is a great little recorder, and they are just a 100 bucks, (i was a blood donor for that puppy) . . .
anyways, e-me and i'll help ya out, then we'll start an internet band, W/ helskel's song for the 1st hit!

10:33 PM CST  

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