Friday, December 30, 2005

it's the end of the year (as we know it)

before going any further, the cd of the year goes to ... sufjan stevens, for 'come on feel the illinoise!'
no big deal, in the scheme of things, means a lot around these parts tho. not much cracked the jaded veneer of the w'room this year, maybe spoon and billy and a few sneakers, not much else.
so, at any rate here are just a few fave tunes that got us thru this dismal year, all in all,
... and if ya started us talkin' 'bout the year in music, well ... we'll just give up the mp3s ... thru yousendit for a week or so:

sufjan stevens - jacksonville (from 'illinoise!')
spoon - the beast and dragon adored (from 'gimme fiction')
fiona apple - better version of me (from 'extrordinary machine')
john mayer trio - wait until tomorrow (from 'try!')
billy harvey - dope wings (from 'pie')
bob dylan - desolation row (alt take) (from 'no direction home : bootleg series 7')

we sure hope that the '6' is better than the '5', pahleezzz, at least music-wise ...
the billboard year-end charts
the top whatever
pitchforks top 50 albums
npr's list, (closer to ours, somewhat, if we had one)

(and we'd do a top movie thingy, but darn if none of 'em stuck! ....)

and a step back ...
shades of the '80s!
... way back, about 20 years ago or so, tipper gore began her crusade about the evils of the demon rock and roll. and now it's another bored soccer mom with too much time on her hands and pitchin' a bitch about rock and roll 'noise'. i 'googled' 'noise' and found no reference to a 'noise' band outbreak, but she is making a stink of devil making music to anti-authoritarian rock bands like 'radiohead' 'sonic youth' and some other groups i never heard of, like merzbow and wolfeyes (tho from the looks of it she may be onto to something about the last two, guess we'll just 'limewire' 'em just to find out how harmful/useless they really are ... we always love to do things we are told not to!)
so, for the preservation of the pampered white, overfed, under-educated, lazy, game-fed american youth, we urge all mothers to join 'mothers against noise' today! i guess it's better to join the service than to make 'noise' ... and so it goes.

we love you guys! happy new year all, 'specially all our friends and family dealing with the daily hardships of picking up after katrina and rita. we can't wait to get home and are actively seeking ways to make it soon after justin's wedding, ahhh, a sure sign of rebirth. hang on ya'll!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

the ultimately last christmas mix (for now)

just in time, the final yuletide installment of the season. and we think ya'll will find it's a doozy ...
hope everyone is out of the malls, all wrapped and loaded under the tree, sittin' around knockin' the nog with family and friends (coz that's what this is really all about) so ya'll have time to download this bunch of goodies we fixed up for all ya's.
we've tried to stray away from stuff we have already found on the web and the radio-elevator- malls, and even from the likes of the great reverend frost, homercat, and big rock candy mountain and it wasn't easy. but we guess there should be enuff goodies here to keep ya'll warm and fuzzy for the next 100 christmas morns.
well, we figure if not quality then quantity; and there is even more in the old sack (left off all the real low-ball humor pieces), but this should do just fine ... all in mp3 and on a first come ... well you know the schtick ... via yousendit:

the who - christmas
the o'jays - christmas just ain't christmas (w/out the one you love)
sufjan stevens - oh come oh come emmanuel
phil spector -
winter wonderland
john mellencamp -
i saw mommy kissing santa claus
the vandals -
grandpa's last christmas
louis armstrong -
christmas in new orleans
the ravonettes - the christmas song
freddie king -
christmas tears

my chemical romance - all i want for christmas is you
danny kaye - all i want for christmas is my two front teeth
jack johnson - rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
marvin gaye - i want to come home for christmas
green day - christmas day
jethro tull - god rest ye merry gentlemen
ella fitzgerald - white christmas
john holt - happy christmas (war is over)
the beach boys - the man with all the toys
xtc - always winter, never christmas

otis redding - merry christmas baby
the sex pistols - a punk rock christmas
fats domino - blue christmas
smashing pumpkins - christmas time
the rat pack - it's a marshmallow world
emerson, lake and palmer - i believe in father christmas
the black halos - homeless for christmas
u2 - christmas
vince guaraldi trio - skating

(christmas cards created by angela mark)

and to all the friends we have made here in the last year
(ya know who you are, ya'll are listed to the left)
and everyone who left a note ...
all of of us in the w'room wish ya'll
an amazon wal-mart and a target best buy!
and to have a more peaceful and prosperous new year ...
merry christmas everybody!

Monday, December 19, 2005

south rampart bounce!

just found this really cool site that lets ya upload viddys, looks like 'youtube'is just my cuppa tea! so, i figured i'd let all the innocents have a look see what i do when not doin' what i should ... and here it is, in all it bandwidth gobblin' glory,'south rampart bounce' ...

and if ya wanna see more ... 'everybody's doin' it!' is up also, with more to follow.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

one more christmas mix

well, it's been a crazy week of more lies and denials, just in time for the season of giving. christmas is under attack, if ya listen to the fuck-up whack jobs on fox news and in the white house, but we don't see much of that bru-ha-ha. we been shopping and spreading cheer and it seems it is quite alive and throbbing as it should be, as it has since we can remember. what a load of right wing bullshit. we need to be nice, not stupid. so, in the manner of the holidays we send another batch of 'christmas' tunes to welcome the yule.

we are spending the night, cuddled by the fire, watching 'christmas vacation' and 'it's a wonderful life' and thinking how wonderful life really is ... we're avoiding calling over seas so georgie doesn't get wind of what evil non-american thingys we are up to (even tho s.a.'s sis is in egypt and is a big non-threat to national security, too silly and could give a shit anyways), we don't want another terrorist threat, such as having a nice time with family. my wish this christmas is for george to send his bimbo daughters to iraq to entertain the troops, if ya know what i mean (it's the least they should do!), ... for all those dodgers to go over there and clean up that mess he wanted so badly for his pork fed buddies, and finally, to get all of our kids home for christmas to be where they should be, god bless all of those poor souls that were dupped ... enuff!

a bit of cheer via yousendit, tax-free and no ads in the w'room ...
phish - a christmas without weed
tom petty - it's christmas all over again
fats domino - i'll be home for christmas
stiff little fingers - white christmas
lowell fulson - lonely christmas
xtc - countdown to christmas party time
eek a mouse - christmas a come
sufjan stevens - that was the worst christmas ever
ramsey lewis - christmas blues
joe satriani - a heavy metal christmas
d.i. - mr grinch
badfinger - the christmas song
ray charles and ella fitzgerald - baby it's cold outside
fountains of wayne - i want an alien for christmas
george thorogood and the destroyers - rock and roll christmas

Thursday, December 08, 2005

goo goo ga joob!

i am the walrus

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together
See how they run like pigs from a gun see how they fly
I'm crying
Sitting on a cornflake Waiting for the van to come
Corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday Man you've been a naughty boy
you let your face grow long

I am the eggman
they are the eggmen
I am the walrus Goo goo ga joob!

Mr. city policeman sitting pretty little policemen in a row
See how they fly like Lucy in the sky See how they run
I'm crying ... I'm crying, I'm crying!

Yellow matter custard Dripping from a dead dog's eye
Crabalocker fishwife Pornographic priestess Boy, you've been a naughty girl
you let your knickers down

I am the eggman
They are the eggmen
I am the walrus Goo goo ga joob!

Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun
If the sun don't come you get a tan from standing in the English rain

I am the eggman
They are the eggmen
I am the walrus Goo goo ga joob!

Expert, texpert choking smokers don't you think the joker laughs at you
See how they smile like pigs in a sty See how they snide
I'm crying
Semolina pilchard climbing up the Eiffel tower
Elementary penguin singing Hare Krishna man, you should have seen them
kicking Edgar Allan Poe

I am the eggman
They are the eggmen
I am the walrus Goo goo ga joob!

... i think everything i have to say about today has already been posted here in the w'room (see john lennon's birthday post). i was gonna do this on a different day, but since it is the 25th anniversary of that fateful day ... well, it's as good as any ...

awhile back we did a post on all the various versions we found of 'strawberry fields forever', and never a blog to not beat a dead horse silly, we decided to flog it somemore ... only changing it up with another lennon song, 'i am the walrus'. it is arguably one of the strangest songs the beatles recorded as a band (revolution 9 notwithstanding as that was more of a lennon solo project). and to me 'the walrus' is still one of the most powerful pieces of music i have ever heard ....

the way i remember this was from late 1967. my aunt lived in an apartment in vegas, when vegas was a real desert. the only building nearby was a record distributor warehouse. sometimes, late at night, she would drag me over there and heft me into the fenced-in garbage bin to fetch anything of value i could pillage. i would heave out posters, various crappy 45's and sometimes lp's, with or without the vinyl. a few times we really scored, but mostly it was just a futile attempt at fun ... well, naw, it was fun.

on one morning just before christmas one of the neighbor kids came 'round saying there were records all over the desert. we ran out to find copies of i am the walrus scattered around the building just melting in the sun. we scrabbled up as many as we could, and tho' some were still in the sleeve, almost all of them were bent, warped or scratched. i had vaulted the fence, and was finding more in the trash. i kept tossing to the others when i reached under the bin and pulled out a pristine copy not touched by the sun, it was the only one, and that was the one i kept. i must have played that record a million times in the two weeks or so before i found 'magical mystery tour' under the tree (i knew 'hello goodbye' was the flip, but that wasn't the point, was it?).

well, i still got that 45, buried somewhere in the archives, where it'll prob be until payton needs to cash in his inheritance ... thanks for the memories john.

john winston ono lennon oct 9, 1940 - dec 8, 1980

and in honor of the man that wrote that nonsensically wonderful ditty here are presented a shitload of the walrus, in mp3, and only around for a lil while via yousendit:

the beatles - i am the walrus (take 1)
the thurston lava tube - i am the walrus
spookytooth - i am the walrus
oingo boingo - i am the walrus
jim carrey - i am the walrus
oasis - i am the walrus
gray matter - i am the walrus
crack the sky - i am the walrus
louis clarke - i am the walrus (wma file)
styx - i am the walrus
eekoostk hooka - i am the walrus
the canadien brass - i am the walrus
frank zappa - i am the walrus
swingle singers - i am the walrus
jackl - i am the walrus
phish - i am the walrus
xtc - i am the walrus

and, of course, some really cool walrus wanna-bees -
the dukes of stratosphear - the mole in the ministry
the rutles - piggy in the middle
tears for fears - sowing the seeds of love

... and if ya got bigger balls than me you can mix a paul tune

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

and yet another goofy christmas mix

we never have enuff fun and we never get tired of our favorite christmas jingles. i've been digging in the bag of goodies and found these laying around unused since last year (actually i found the tunes after digging in the bag, but that's another story, for later).
ain't got much to add to that now, so, at any rate, here are some more obscure or bizarre, yet meaningful and heart-felt tunes of the season ... in mp3, of which you have the opportunity to download (on a limited time basis via yousendit):

slade - merry christmas everbody
james brown - soulful christmas
billy idol - yellin' at the christmas tree
the wondermints - ski-party christmas
roy wood and wizzard - i wish it could be christmas everyday
the vandals - a gun for christmas
coldplay - have yourself a merry little christmas
the cruxshadow - happy christmas (war is over)
danny elfman - kidnap the sandy claws
prince - another lonely christmas
the damned - there ain't no santa claus
marilyn monroe - santa baby
sufjan stevens - it's christmas, let's be glad!
squirrel nut zippers - sleighride

Thursday, December 01, 2005

happy christmas beatle people!

for seven years the beatles released an annual christmas record for members of the fan club. it began in 1963 as the four of them sat around a microphone in abbey road studios to record a thank you message, but by '66 they were making it a small epic, of sorts, using audio skits and new songs, and by '69 they weren't even doing it together at all, just piecemealing stuff they each recorded at home, then handing it over to kenny everett (the bbc dj) to edit for release. in december 1970, after the band broke up, apple records released all 7 christmas records on one l.p., again, only to the fan club.

for years this was really hard to find on any medium (i was lucky to have a friend whose sister belonged to the fan club and had them all, including the l.p., which she would not part with but let me tape, so i at least could listen to 'em). now the price for any of these is unreal, as you can imagine. but thanks to the wonders of the internet you can find these lil gems, tho sometimes for a hefty sum also (i found a nice cd of the set along with the other christmas tunes done by each after the split on ebay a while back, but i'd love to own the l.p. in vinyl before i die)

the beatles were always big on christmas. they would plan album and single releases for the holidays and even had a kinda off-broadway christmas show in the early years. and as mentioned in a previous post, it meant a guaranteed record under the tree on the morning of december 25th each year. i still miss those times, but at least we got the christmas records to fill the house with cheer when it comes at the end of every year ...

here are the very hard to find fan club flexie disc records on mp3 download for you to put under the tree for that special santa on your list ...

The Beatles' Christmas Record

Another Beatles' Christmas Record

The Beatles' Third Christmas Record Pantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas

Christmas Time is Here Again!

1968 Christmas Record

The Beatles' Seventh Christmas Record