Thursday, February 17, 2005

life on mars! Posted by Hello

elliott smith lives on mars?

i know i am a lil slow, but i just found elliott smith . . . yeah, i know he is dead, but jeesh he wrote some great pop songs! i must have been living on mars for the last ten years.
i just got 'figure 8' in the mail, (amazon used cd's rock!), and i can't stop playing it . . .
there are a few free downloads of elliott's songs on . . . (memory lane is one great tune, w/ some cool lennon-kinda guitar work), and a cool version of the the beatle's 'revolver' song 'for no one' . . . go check it out.
speaking of mars . . . if and when i find a online copy of 'life on mars?' by bowie i'll post it, since it seems they have found life on mars, (or so they say they think they have, in a cave or something like that, you know how they are . . .),
if they are right maybe david can remove the question mark.
like anyone truly thought we are all alone.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


i finally got 'american195X' finished and up on the acid site.
it took forever because HAL is just being very 'sony' right now. it seems that sony made it so that upgrading is nearly impossible! i bought a power supply i thought would solve all my probs, but not one fits in the case! nice how they managed that, true 'planned obsolecence' indeed.
the best news is, i get a new pc once we get to metry!
hope HAL holds out that long, i really drive him hard!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

pre-dead dobro Posted by Hello

the dobro bit the dust . . .

well, that did it!
my dobro was found broken beyond repair. i dunno how or when it was done, but done it is. sharon got it for me on our trip to san fran last oct. jeesh i loved the guitar!
oh well. she said i'll get a new one, but it had become such a friend, (only a guitar player would know), but i have lost more expensive axes before. reminds me of the story of the mosrite ventures i had snatched in 1970, but i regress . . .
and to top it off. . . HAL is still acting up, i need to figure out the prob, but i just don't really care . . .

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

snow day! Posted by Hello

alas, another reno mardi gras, (but the last)

i sure didn't feel like doin this today, i've been feeling like shit lately, what with it being mardi gras and all, (and especially since we ain't there), but what the hell.
and most of the reason for the funk is that picture. taken on jan 7, it looked good then. but now, jeesh! too much snow and daggnnabbitt cold!
anyways, here is a very cool band site wit a ton of free mp3s. sharon likes the music, (coz i d/l'd all of their stuff, and play it constantly), but she is queasy with the name 'brian jonestown massacre'. i find it hilarious, as they play music they think brian jones would have made. . . had he lived that is!
check it out, and stay warm . . .

Saturday, February 05, 2005

harpo . . . stop it!

harpo! Posted by Hello

harpo is a menace!

so, this is harpo. . . . all of a yr and a half, and a complete terror! he drove me nuts today whilst i tried to fix a cooling prob on HAL 9000. he is too cute to scold, and sharon sez it is all good, so i gotta flow.
not fun tho, when ever she leaves to go to the store he is totally outta control, crying , running around the house driving me to drink, (not too hard to do!), he hates to see her go, unless it is for work. silly dog!
anyways, i am in a heap of shit, gotta find a good cooling thingy for HAL, or else no more viddys!

Friday, February 04, 2005

the young wrecks Posted by Hello

'south rampart bounce'

well, i have been working on a viddy for the last few months, (a few viddys actually), and i finally got it dressed up and ready to show. you can see 'south rampart bounce' on acidplanet, along with some other songs.
right now i am cleaning up the epic 'american195X' for release. it should be ready this weekend. if ya wanna hear the tune tho go to this place.
most of the footage i've been using comes from the prelinger archives, a great place to find all sorts of old film clips and shorts. most of the the clips are downloadable and they encourage people to use them as they want, since they're in the public domain. it has a lil bit of everything, from educational to 50's strippers . . . very interesting site!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

in the wreckroom Posted by Hello

start here . . .

ok. . . i read, i saw, i submitted.
i try to fly under the radar, (being above it far too long), so now i guess i outta join the next wave and mark down my feelings, good and bad. i am not sure where this is going, but i need to be going. it is so slow in reno during winter, too cold for too long and having advanced r.a. is not fun in snow.
whoo-hoo! the cabin fever is getting pretty thick in here.
if i can figure this out i will have some goofy stuff in here as i am always live on the net. . . . we'll see . . .
. . . if you would like to check out, (or even take), some of my music go visit
the wreckreators and m.a. sample. for older stuff see the metry dukes!
lottsa free mp3s, and you never know, you may be surprised . . .