Tuesday, February 01, 2005

start here . . .

ok. . . i read, i saw, i submitted.
i try to fly under the radar, (being above it far too long), so now i guess i outta join the next wave and mark down my feelings, good and bad. i am not sure where this is going, but i need to be going. it is so slow in reno during winter, too cold for too long and having advanced r.a. is not fun in snow.
whoo-hoo! the cabin fever is getting pretty thick in here.
if i can figure this out i will have some goofy stuff in here as i am always live on the net. . . . we'll see . . .
. . . if you would like to check out, (or even take), some of my music go visit
the wreckreators and m.a. sample. for older stuff see the metry dukes!
lottsa free mp3s, and you never know, you may be surprised . . .

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