Sunday, November 12, 2006

what a long, strange couple of months its been

well, we finally made it back to metry for good (minus the frogs, they are in a little roadside grave outside of salina, kansas... poor things must've died pining for reno). so it goes...

this month back home has been exhausting, messy and sometimes frustrating, but the house is gettin' better every day. too bad this space has been another casualty of the busy times we've had. some things just needed to get done and this blog just wasn't one of them. we'll try to pick up some of the slack here but until then i guess a bit of catch-up is in order...

first off, we must thank the gods of drunks, dogs and children for getting us home unscathed, reasonably sane and all in one piece. the trip was virtually uneventful, but after doing it 3 times in the last year s.a. and i have that part down pretty good. seems the dogs had the worst of it, they yowled and cried all the way home, while kimmy and the p-man were quite civilized for the 3 and a 1/2 days it took to make the 2500 miles and were quite a pleasure to travel with. s.a. and i, on the other hand had our obligatory 'starbuck's moment', kissed and made up, then made it home. all in all it was a great way to end the road trips of my life (unless i feel the need to travel, which hits way too often...)

it has been very crazy around here for the last month. the house is still in need of a lot of work, tho the girls are painting and fixing up at an incredible rate. it is slow going in a lot of ways. we missed the cable guy the first monday back and got a three week penalty. then he goes and hooks up a fucked-up box and we had to wait another week for that. we didn't really miss the cable or the internet much at all. we were just too busy/tired to care.

i have finally got the w'room up and running, to a point (computer, tv/dvd and record player are go... the studio is kinda slogging along). everything is in but needs to be organized and wired, and that's always my favorite part, which is probably why i save it for last. this w'room could also use a good dose of paint, but the stark white is much better than the gloss black it was when the pornographers rented the place. and we're still hearing horror stories from the neighbors about those guys.

all in all life is looking better, tho the r.a. is still kicking my ass too much (in fact i need to do a shot right now), but soon the wear and tear of the move will go away and things will really brighten up.

damn, it's great to be home!

--- and besides feeling good about being back home there are a few other things lately that make us smile... the saints (altho they lost this week, so did hot 'lanta), the hornets (losing but started strong), it seems the evil empire is in it's last throes and the new beatles' record, 'love', is coming out real soon (it should be on the door step in about a week)...

we'll get into the grimy details later about the record, but from first listening 'love' is a very interesting addition to the beatle's catalogue. four tracks are available for your pleasure on 'the' but i'll dump 'em here for ya to enjoy at your leisure, available for a little while via yousendit...

strawberry fields forever
octopus' garden
while my guitar gently weeps
lady madonna