Tuesday, March 24, 2009

you say you want a revolution?

once upon a time...

there were four guys, they had a band, they made music. they did it for awhile, for a long time, (if you include time stuck together).

and by 1968 they got tired of it all, and themselves.

in june of that year one of them brought a song into the studio called 'revolution'. he wanted it to be the next single, but the version recorded was 'too slow', (according to sources). so, he made another version, and that was released as the double a-side of 'hey jude'.

this, my friends, is the ever-sought after 1st 'slow' version of 'revolution', (including the second half which was truncated into revolution 9, minus the yoko diary blathering), in all its mono glory.

it is a ten plus minute wonder of slow and pre-emptive chaos... (with a band in lock-step!)

but only for 7 days or the amount of downloads it takes to lose it.

the beatles - revolution (take 20 remix 1 speed corrected)