Tuesday, May 31, 2005

flyin' saucers rock and roll

whoo hoo!
the north mississippi allstars show was a hoot!
we got to hang with luther d. before the show, (he was uber-friendly, angel is gonna go-so-green-eyed on me now), then we got drunk, danced, (well i moved a bit), and made a ton of new friends on the northshore. the allstars were all we hoped for and more, (altho i completely brain farted. i coulda snuck a bazooka into the show. i didn't bring my cam, my harmonica or my recorder. . . daggnnabbitt! so all we got was memories and a autograph on our ticket stubs, but that is cool).

you guys need to check 'em out, especially if they come to a silly bar near you!
luther tells the wrecks the new studio album will come out in august, so i am saving up for that. they have pared the band back to a three piece and did they ever rock the high sierras.
it all made us miss home a bit more and now i really can't wait to get our shit down south.

we are already planning our next trip to memphis as soon as we get to new orleans. we played old sun records all weekend whilst spring cleaning and getting 'casa de wrecks' ready for sale. we copped the 8-disc 'sun 50th anniversary' set, (which i can't find on the net for a link, cool!), on our last visit a year before and just never tire of it. the set really has a little of everything, rockabilly, blues, new orleans r & b, pop, rock . . . jeesh, just too much to mention here, but i'll give ya a taste. . . .

here be some great sun recordings:
billy riley and his little green men - flyin' saucers rock and roll
the jesters - caddilac man (with jim dickinson on pianny, luther and cody's dad)
little jr's blue flames - mystery train
doctor ross - boogie disease
(buy sun records great stuff!)

and a link to more north mississippi allstars songs
(buy the north mississippi allstars!)


Blogger sadie mae said...

yeah ... i gotta go with M.A. on this it was a fantastic show. And I would go see them again in a second.

7:50 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

we had a bit 'o fun eh sadie mae? good times abound! now let's get to new orleans and do it proper!

8:30 PM CDT  

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