Monday, May 09, 2005

you can't cheat an honest man

this is for a.g., when he stumbles in here . . .
this is the rough vocal demo. i chopped up the harp and cleaned the guitar sound, and i'll prolly do another vocal and harp take just to see if i can make it tighter. anyways . . .

the metry wrecks - 'you can't cheat an honest man' (rough mix 2)


Blogger griff le riff said...

you found some dutch courage and got the vocals done! good work... you might enjoy this short story about drinking that a friend of last night... recently published on

4:47 AM CDT  
Blogger Danno said...

Nice work on the vocals M.A.! A great drinkin'song, It's coming together nicely!

7:48 AM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

thanks ya'll,
and le riff, that site is great, i even put up a link.

and a.g. e-mailed me this:

Yeah I thought you'd have to cut up the lyrics some and repeat lines or phrases, It was what I was doing while listening to the inst. demo.

Do what you gotta do, I always say, nothing I write is set in stone (unless I tell you so first, and even that is open for negotiation.) I'm easy....

I once watched George and Bubba work on a set of lyrics, as I thought Bubba had a lick for the verse and George for the chorus. I stepped away for a few minutes and they completed the song using Bubba's riff on the chorus and George's on the verse and it was better that what I ever imagined ...."Don't Bet On Blondes" came that way.

Dam, I had a dream last sunday where we were rehearsing Chinatown, My Chinatown, and it was all the Dukes again except for Peter, and we were doing it as a tribute to him, weird, huh? And Bubba was singing it like Dean Martin, crooning and slurring the words like Dino. Then it was a verse to me and you played slide dobro on it.

And I found a blues harp, played one lick on it and couldn't play anything else but that one lick....and then couldn't duplicate any other sound except for that one lick, so we incorporated it into the song....really too weird.

Then when I woke up, I saw the e-mail about "Honest Man" and the lick on harp in it sounds similar....

NOW That was weird!


11:47 AM CDT  
Blogger Johnno said...

First time I heard this, it reminded me sooooo much of a band downunder called the Backsliders. (Best blues band downunder to some) Tried getting a sample of their stuff for comparison but none appear to be available.

Midnight Oil's drummer Rob Hirst now drum for them, mainly with brushes!

Their website is here.

Anyway your new song is on rotation in my Windows Media file. Even created an album and bandname folder for it.

1:07 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

wow, thanks for the comps and the cool link to the backsliders, ha, 'delta blues wall of sound' . . . i need to find this!

8:17 PM CDT  
Anonymous Patsy Brannigan said...

Well, Mikey, that's shows the wonders of collaboration.

I wrote a set of pop lyrics, you fit it to a blues tune, I'm loving it and working out bg vocals like its still a pop song.

Why ain't we millionaires?

Or at least "pop stars?"

Anyway, I hear a repetition of the line, "you can't cheat an honest man" throughout the tag and fade of ths song, but maybe that's just me still admiring T.R. and AWATS.

I'll show you if you can't feel it yourself. That'll be me throwing rocks at yer window.

Anyway, I'm off to dinner now, and I think I'll make you homesick (so you wanna be going back to Metry again) some by telling you I'm having a roast beef po'boy, dressed, with lots of gravy.


11:20 PM CDT  

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