Tuesday, May 03, 2005

refreshed cream

hot off the presses . . .
>>--Cream played the first of four sold-out reunion shows
Monday at London's Royal Albert Hall, on the same stage the trio held its farewell concerts in November 1968.
The supergroup performed 19 songs, including classics such as "White Room," "Crossroads" and "Sunshine of Your Love." Eric Clapton reportedly agreed to reunite with bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker because of his former bandmates' poor health.

A DVD documenting the historic gigs is due out in October. DVD and NEWLY UPDATED OFFICIAL WEBSITE: cream2005.com--<<

>>--from WHERE's ERIC:-->>

Setlist Cream - Monday May 2, 2005

I'm So Glad
Outside Woman Blues
Pressed Rat and Wart Hog
Sleepy Time, Time
Sweet Wine
Rollin' & Tumblin'
Stormy Monday
Deserted Cities of the Heart
Born Under a Bad Sign
We're Going Wrong
Sitting on Top of the World
White Room
Sunshine of Your Love (Encore)

(m.a. - and by all acounts, for $3700 it would be worth it to see them pull off that set list! if anyone hears about this on the web anywhere gimme a buzz! if it streams i can catch it. . .
ah to be there last night!)


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