Sunday, May 08, 2005

the metry wrecks

ok, time for a little bit of shameless self-promotion.
the wreckroom was hoppin' today, no time for diggin' up the latest music for the mindless masses, we was makin' it.
another day, another one-day-wonder. . .
i started to write this tune on the dobro early this morn when the ladies left the house, (starting with a.g.'s wild lyrics based on w.c. fields insane ramblings). it kinda grew by itself, but it got too big for me to handle on me own.
so, as soon as the girls came home from shopping/nail duty i grabbed sadie mae sample, stuck her behind the drums, snagged miss krissinda le jones and planted a bass and smile on her, (she loves the end where it all disintegrates), and put them to work helpin' me bash out this ditty for a.g. called 'you can't cheat an honest man' . . .
of course, it ain't done, but for the last 14 hrs these kids rocked!
that's me on drunken harmonica, but i am too lazy and shy about singing, (unless i am drunker than this), so there ain't no vocals yet, . . . (now i got a job to do).
then i went and loaded the video for 'everybody's doin' it!' on to it's a sorta grunge-like ode to the end of the world using old atom test films, or not. . . i dunno.
oh yeah, and since we're almost home . . . we changed the name of the band to the metry wrecks, somehow very appro po . . . all things taken for granted.

just a little twitchy and slightly out of key . . .
the metry wrecks - you can't cheat an honest man (mp3) (lo-fi)

a.g's hilarious lyrics that i ain't quite got down yet : you can't . . .

the metry wrecks - everybody's doin' it! (video stream on acid)


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