Tuesday, May 10, 2005

reefer madness

i found a site that hosts files for free, so i am testing it in here with a few hard to find gems from my lp collection. if it works this would be a great way to pass along some stuff that is only on vinyl, (which i have a ton of) . . .
let me know how good/bad it is to get these songs from rapidshare. i think you have to scroll down for the file and hit the free button . . . jeesh!
we'll see how this goes.

here should be some jumpin' jive tunes that continue with the whole getting stoned theme we got going on in here lately. . . from an old lp called 'reefer songs' on the stash lable, (no kidding).
harlen lattimore - the reefer man
harry 'the hipster' gibson - who put the benzedrine in mrs murphy's ovaltine
cab calloway - the man from harlem
stuff smith - here comes the man with the jive

and here is a site that has the movie 'reefer madness' for download in 8 parts,
or get it from the prelinger archives.


Blogger Johnno said...

OK tried Cab's download from rapidshare. If you use the "FREE" button it goes in to a 60 second download delay which is OK by me.

Once the delay is over it downloads at 56k a second which is maximum speed through my ADSL line. Download was done in under a minute which is GOOD!

Sound quality seems good. It's hard to compare due to not knowing the clarity of the original. The "crackle" of vinyl is there in a sentimental kinda way. It adds a heap rather than detracts from the experience.

Isn't technology great? Some guy half the Earth away gives feedback about a song in your collection kept somewhere in Germany. It's probably the first time that tune has made a trip around the planet.

1:31 PM CDT  
Blogger griff le riff said...

i tried it out, and maybe my incompetence is the cause of failure, but after scrolling down and hitting the free button, i just got another page that told me i had requested the file but nothing happened... and there was nowhere else to click!!!
maybe it's for the best as i have been trying to clean up my act recently, and a load of songs about weed are only going to make these first few "clean" days even more unbearable!...
no fuck that! i wanna hear it. i am strong...

5:12 PM CDT  
Blogger sleepybomb said...

i think i got it, bit of a pain, but i'll just use this for the stuff i can't grab on the web, til i break down and buy server space . . . .
on the page scroll down, hit free.
on the next page scroll down and wait the required time, then download. . .
i better find some worthwhile tunes to make this worth it.

8:29 PM CDT  

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