Friday, June 17, 2005

some great blog bands

the internet is an amazing thing and the plethora of great music from all over the world is overwhelming. so much so that is is hard to digest it all. i download so many songs a day that it's gonna take me months to try and savor it all. not all of it is good or near-good, but every now and then something makes it all worthwhile.
the point is, there is so many different sounds that abound as to please every taste.
when i started putting up my songs on the web in 1998 there was only, garageband and one or two other free band hosting sites. today there are way too many to count. not just that, the blogs have alot of aspiring musicians that are able to spread their word thru the net. i am glad that i am part of the whole thing, trying to carve a little niche, making friends and not needing a contract to do it.

so, here are some friends who are a big part of the blog band scene;

chris plays guitar are from fresno cali, playing great bar-room rock-n-roll. they stay very busy apparently as their schedule is always full, (and they also have the foxiest girl fan club i have seen since my day). sonicfrog is the bass player mike's blog, which is where i found billy harvey, and chris plays guitar (thanks mike!)

dfactor is a one man band that lives and plays in new york city. he writes some very cool pop music. the new song, 'ashley's lament' is classic 60's power pop, a new fave in the wreckroom!
waved rumor is dfactor's blog about all the musical goings on in the apple.

the babylon cowboys are jenny and dave, who reside in oxford england. jenny has a great soulful voice that fits dave's songs wonderfully. they are busy too, (everyone but me it seems), running the band weblogs site, and the bar blog.

new spring mp3s:
dfactor - ashley's lament
chris plays guitar - roadside cafe
babylon cowboys - reflection
m.a. sample - you can't cheat an honest man (sorry man, gotta plug my band too!)


Anonymous said...

What about putting a book together compliing what you're doing here? Amazingly, there are still a lot of people out there that don't have computers. What you're doing, I think, is a valuable resource.

Anonymous said...

Ugh.... compiling what your doing...