Thursday, October 11, 2007

farewell mr music

it feels like a good time to shake off this blanket of malaise. seems that everytime i got up the will to jump-start this silly blog some thing would come up... usually another death of pet, friend or family. i've been so shell-shocked that this space became not so important in the scheme of things as just spending more time doing other stuff, like dwelling endlessly about love and loss.
well, that kind of thinking can either sink ya or swim ya. and for the last few months i've been sinking, a mr. mom decline without the funny bits. stay at home, lock the doors, draw the blinds, unhook the phone and stare blankly at maudlin melodramas on tcm til late in the night... well, at least i ain't drinkin' or druggin' my way down. (and thank god for s.a., my guiding light thru the dark... i don't know if i'd be here today)

but the weather here is nice again, fall is about to fall, and i'm starting to feel a lil better about things in general. i may even delve into some of the finer points of what's been happening later, but for now i'll play it easy... otherwise this space would resemble the obit section of a paper. enuff of that for now. i am also bowing to the groundswell of dissent i get for not doing this thing for so long. i hear ya, we'll just see how long it'll last... enuff about all that and more about me, with some shameless self-promotion...

so, as of late i've been piddlin' about with the old 4-track, dusting off cassettes and dredging up tunes that have been laying wasting away. it has taken awhile but i've loaded a ton of songs, track by track, to the master computer, HAL, and started to goof on them. two very dis-similar songs have jumped out so far... one is an efficient lil pop ditty about a true event and the other is '(you had to open) pandora's box', a psychedelic-ish tune written to some words of warning from brian z (of 'living to die' or 'bolt upright', as i remember 'em). but more on the latter later, (wait, shouldn't that be 'more on the later latter'... ?)

anyhow, first up is the poptune. 'random samples of love (seen as boyfriend replicas)' is the result of a raffey's gig in chances,
(a bar in metry that we kinda owned), where my cousin f.a.'s ex-wife marched in with a guy that looked and acted just like him. it would have been funny even if it weren't for the fact that it happened quite a few times before. but for some reason f.a. had people mention the point to his face over and over all night and he was getting quite pissed about it. i found it all amusing, went home and wrote a song about it. there's been a demo of it for a long time, but it was never done proper 'til now. f.a. loved the tune but hated the line about 'same bad taste in clothes', oh well... i swear i heard that from someone.

"random samples of love seen as boyfriend replicas"
(m. a. sample)

here she comes with another, and i'll tell ya what i know.
they all look like each other, even johnny thinks it's so...

* and all her friends think its grand, she's with her replica man,
and they look alot like you, now i'm not the one to talk,
but i thought you ought to know.

i start seeing double when she finds where you're at.
she must be looking for trouble if she's walking in with that...

they've got the same walk, the same talk,
the same bad taste in clothes...
they use the same lines that you used,
as if she didn't know...

(©2007 wreckreation media group)

so, this is dedicated to frank. my brother from another, my worse half. i miss him deeply and daily. love you oye'

that's all for now, i think one of the dog's is diggin' under the fence again. gotta go put the stop to that. more about the rest later... (it does kinda feel good to do this again... plus i really need to get off my ass again and do something, anything.)
ciao, for now.


Anonymous said...

Morning Fawlty!

9 months on - I could have conceived, popped, and stitched my own perineum whilst you've been away! Instead I drank beer and lamented the flashing cursor of a gap left by your sabbatical.

Now that your old pecker is semi-up, crush some Ginseng on your wheaty crunchies, walk the dog, make sweet love to your lady and find us a nice choon or 2.

Much respect from a daft ol Englishman.

dick van dyke

Anonymous said...

damn it's good to see you back. i was a regular reader and a random commenter (?) and i have checked for you once or twice a month. i am sorry you have been through such hell while you were gone. i hope getting back to sharing music with your cyber friends will be nourishing to you.
hang in there!
lori in tx

Laurie said...

Welcome back! I was afraid it was just my Bloglines playing one of it's tricks again where I click your blog name and find only an old entry.

I'm so glad to see you up and running. Take it slow and easy now. Don't hurt yourself or pull a hammie or anything getting back into prime blogging condition.

Anonymous said...

Glad as hell to see you back M.A.! Goddamn man, you've been through the ringer of late, again man, sorry about your losses.

Glad to see you back at it!

Tim said...

Abandon your blog?? Fat chance! Great to see you back.

Bush sez, "Let's roll."

I say, "LET'S ROCK!"



sonicfrog said...

Yay!!!! I missed your company and I'm sooo glad you're back! I must say I was concerned by your absence. I have been planning to do some "spring cleaning" on my blogtopus list soon, ditching the unmaintained blogs, and I'm very glad that the wreakroom will be spared from the purge.