Friday, December 14, 2007

not another xmas mix... mix

so, i know this is christmas time. s.a. asked me to make a few copies of an mp3 cd of christmas music for her and all her workmates at the road home thingy. i started by digging up as much as i could, like every cd in the archives (quite a few), and finding an enormous torrent file on the magical net, (it's only a mere 10 gigabytes of the most varied assortment of christmas mp3 cheer one could hope to find beneath the tree, including a complete set of the old firestone christmas lps from my early childhood... too sick).

after weeding out the obvious klunkers, (such as the entire 6 cds of nordic muzak and the celine-type crap), picking out the obvious winners, (i think all the standards are known), and incorporating some odd bits here and there, (some more odd than others), the cd had turned into a 193 track monster.

then came the fun...

sorting, remixing and recording, in all about a weeks worth of toil and labor. needless to say i am so burned out on christmas music that i almost went into canniption fits looking for a tree with the little lady at home-desperate the other day, just hearing the burl warbling 'it's a holly jolly christmas' in my state is almost tantamount to christmas waterboarding...

but, seeing as this space was vacant last season, (we had better fish to fry), we thought it'd be nice to let ya'll in for some of that old odd assortment of mp3 holiday cheer, for a week, at the most, thru yousendit...

sonny boy williamson - sonny boy's christmas blues
tommy ridgley - please come home for christmas
t-rex - christmas box
james brown - santa claus, santa claus
brian wilson - what i really want for christmas (for
louis armstrong - 'zat you santa claus?

lowell fulson - lonesome christmas
r.e.m. - christmas griping
rubberband - jinglebell rock
pink floyd - merry xmas song
the beatles - 1964 xmas message (outtake)


Laurie said...

Just the way I like it. You do all the work and I just sit back and listen.

sleepybomb said...

too bad i am burnt or i'd have done all 193 tracks...
maybe later.
have a happy merry!

dickvandyke said...

Merry Christmas old mate.