Monday, October 10, 2005

xtc - the apple box

xtc, one of the w'room's favorite bands of all time, is releasing a beautiful box set of their last two albums (with a bunch of neat goodies!) ...

Apple Box
Released 31st October 05

United as originally intended the stunning Apple Venus Vol 1 and Wasp Star with their respective demo recordings. Packaged in a stunningly simple white box with the peacock feather varnished on the front, this 4 cd set includes a 64 page booklet including all the lyrics for the very first time and new sleeve notes.

A real treat for all XTC fans is the inclusion of a content card enabling the user to download for FREE from the XTC web site 2 brand new digital download tracks (Spiral and Say It) and via their mobile phone a FREE 'Stupidly Happy' ringtone.

All copies of the Apple Box are signed by Andy and Colin.

so, as usual for these guys they finally get what they want, a few years later. the initial idea for apple venus (which was released in 1999) was a double album, one rocking, the other mellow. and as usual, they had to fight their record company, (this time tvt records) and as usual they lost.
although this is really sweet, i wish they would do something new. we are really jonesing for another album from the boys of swindon. but then again the wait between 'nonsuch' and 'apple venus pt.1' was only 7 years ...

a few tracks from the demos of 'apple venus' from yousendit:

rivers of orchids (demo)
i'd like that (demo)
greenman (demo)
stupidly happy (demo)
we're all light (demo)
church of women (demo)

(and we always thought it was cool that there is an xtc song in more than one jim carrey movie ... 'dumb and dumber' and 'me, myself and irene', just a silly note to end on ...)


Anonymous said...

Guess what I want for my birthday, bro?!

sleepybomb said...

well, since s.a. got this for me as a anniversary gift, you get my 4 cd's that i already own. i know it ain't much, but i'll beef it up somehow ... actually anything of mine is yours anyways, but you knew that ...

dickvandyke said...

Sgt Sleepy's gonna help me..

I just dribbled uncontrollably down my vest. You know what makes me stupidly 'appy.
Thanks for the top tip old lad. I'll be selling my granny on ebay forthwith in order to scrape together the pennies.

And if old dickie says he's happy .. he must be happy, he must be happy .. in his world.

Beer and XTC. Marvellous!

sleepybomb said...

well mr dvd, when i get my grimy little paws on this gem i'll raise my glass of vino and toast ya! i'm just hopin' granny brings in the bucks for ya, the damn thing cost me dish duty for months ...