Tuesday, March 28, 2006

robot men from the moon

here is a new video, from the tattered remnants of the reno wreckroom ...

... we've been real busy gettin' the house ready for sale, and it's looking as tho that won't be too hard. lately my world has been sucky, big time. the girls were sick last month and now i've had it for a week. and to top it off lil' payton's got it too. all my energy has been spent working on the video and packing til i drop. the w'room is depleted of everything but the computer and a few books, cds and movies. i'm quite uncomfortable with all that shit sitting in boxes and untouchable. i am left to my own devises and the files on 'HAL' so anything i do for the blog is gonna be pretty much on the fly ... at least til metry.
since the weather is starting to warm up, (it's raining now, no snow!), i should be feeling more flexible and creative, or maybe just creatively flexible. anyways, let's hope i do more writing than i have during the last month.
well, that is the plan, for now.


dickvandyke said...

Keep yer pecker up old boy. Life has a penchant for kicking you in the balls from time to time. However, one minute you are riding along on the coat tails of despair, and the next you are swimming with the dolphins. (Well, er, kinda).

Beer, music and love should see ya through.

Best of British to all of you.

sleepybomb said...

yeah buddy, i can see the dolphins on the horizon. a good word from you always gets my pecker up (well, er, kinda).
thanks dvd!

Laurie said...

Great video!

sleepybomb said...

why thank ya ms.laurie, thank ya very much.