Monday, March 06, 2006

the rock and roll doctors

we're glad we don't have a deadline for this blog because it would really be crimping our style lately. we've been a bit too busy deconstructing the wreckroom to put any meaningful posts up, or any posts at all for that matter. the snows is coming every other day and s.a. is on a hell-bent mission from god to get us up and outta reno as soon as possible (she's a lil' go-gettin' woman when she puts her mind to something, and that something is seeing reno in the rearview mirror about 8 weeks from now as we drive to home new orleans).

my mission, since i chose to accept it, has been salvaging the wrecked 'folklore' project from whatever hole that beast done slipped into ... ripping odd songs to digital as the tapes get stashed and trying to put it all together again in acid. it's like a nagging little splinter in the trigger-finger that just needs to come out, no matter how painful, and that is about all i have been listening to. almost done tho and one day, when i feel really brave i guess i'll post it, maybe. so this week has been nothing but pack, mix, patch, dub and paint. finally this place is lookin a lil bare, yeah!

a few months ago i stumbled across an old bootleg of a live
little feat show that was taped at ultrasonic studios in hempstead new york on september 19th, 1974 (you can find alot more of little feat and a great deal many other live recordings at the live music archive). this was when little feat was the best rock and roll band in the land. and probably the hardest to define. led by a certain lowell george, the feats played a bluesy, skewed country-tinged rock-n-roll. they didn't sound like a band from the sunny climes of southern california; they sounded more like a band from southern georgia.

this is the band at the top of their game, about the time of the release of their 4th, and best album, 'feats don't fail me now', before lowell got all strung out and gave up caring about the band. they were tight beyond belief in this live-in-the-studio recording. everything here works, the sound is superb, the band rocks and it still feels fresh as anything around.

live at ultrasonic studios hempstead, n.y. 9-19-74
rock and roll doctor
oh atlanta!
two trains
when the shit hits the fan
on your way down
spanish moon
skin it back
fat man in a bathtub
cold, cold, cold
dixie chicken/tripe face boogie
tripe faced again


lowell george website

and the feats are playing at the new orleans jazz fest may 5th (what a rockin' 2 weeks and we should be home by then!)


Laurie said...

Dixie Chicken is one of my favorite songs.

sleepybomb said...

i shoulda known ms. l. it just seems you would like that catchy tune. we had a band called 'dixie chicken' during the 70s, doing mostly rolling stones and little feat stuff, before we started writing our own pop masterpieces and changing the name of the band to 'the dukes'. 'dixie chicken' and 'willin'' are the most popular feats songs imho.

Snave said...

The older studio stuff never did much for me, but I can listen to "Waiting For Columbus" over and over. The side with Dixie Chicken, Tripe Face Boogie and Rocket in My Pocket is one of the finest album sides ever, in my opinion.