Sunday, August 02, 2009

the beatles 09-09-09

the beatles rockband game drops on september 9th, and from the look of the trailers it is gonna be nothing less than stunning...

and to think i wasted all those years learning their songs from the records. i just may have to ask for this for xmas, of course then i'll need that px-wee-360 thingy to play it on, right?

i dunno if santa can swing all that this year, but it really does look sweet... so for now i'll just have to resign myself to my guitar and the new remastered beatle records that are coming in the on same day for now.

here are a few trailers to get me all excited about september...

the beatles - rockband cinematic opening

the beatles - rockband trailer

the making of 'revolver'

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