Friday, August 14, 2009

a rainy day in the french quarter

a few years ago we were at the french quarter festival, we being s.a., kimmy, p-man, angel and moi.
it rained fairly steadily all morning and we ducked in and out of places while walking mostly under balconies.

as we got to bourbon and st. ann s.a. dragged kim into this fortune teller shop to get their fortunes told. angel and i hung outside with p-man and sipped our drinks, (p-man sucked on the juice bottle). well the rain slacked a bit and i just walked out to the middle of bourbon st.and snapped off a few pics looking towards esplanade.

they were just a few pics out of a bunch that day but they looked pretty good so i stuck them on flicker.

so, the other day i get a message telling me one of those shots was picked for an online new orleans guide for schmap, the yahoo map directory.

i think it's kinda cool, but not as cool as jaques' 'street car art'.
(but then again i am not getting paid either...)

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