Tuesday, April 05, 2005

billy harvey is our new hero

ok, i just love finding cool music that no one, (or just a handful of lucky people), know about. and today i was real lucky.
i found mike's sonicfrog blog, where he has a few really good tunes up and running, and he is a very good guitarist by the way. the song 'anyways' is getting lotsa play around the wreckroom today.
also on his blog were links to a band called 'chris plays guitar'and billy harvey.
c.p.g. also have a few mp3s up. these guys are a very tight, rowdy rock and roll band. 'drunken mexico weekend' is a howl! doritos indeed . . .
but the jewel is billy harvey. he has the coolest site i think i have every seen. words do it no justice, you just have to see it. the music and the videos are pure pop genius! dig around and follow the masking tape as you listen to the songs. it was the most fun 20 mins i have had on the web in a long time. i don't where he came from, (he has 3 cds out, i need to rob the cookie jar), but he is gonna be big one day. you'll know what i mean when ya go see for yourself . . .
another cool music site we found thru rinkadink productions is 'aural innovations'. there is a ton of space rock from various bands all over the world. if you haven't had your hawkwind fix lately, here ya go!
and if that's not enuff for ya, there is always this:
. . . now, i'm going back to watch billy housesit, (singin' 'i'll be burnin' up in heaven, with these dope wings on my back').

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sonicfrog said...

I wish I could take credit for the guitar work but I'm only the lowley bass player. I will provide more bio from current and previous projects. Glad you like the stuff.