Friday, April 08, 2005

U2 or bust!

well, we're off to san jose to see the u2 vertigo tour. they are playing sat. and sun. at the hp pavillion with the kings of leon opening.
we have tickets for the sun. show.
we thought we had the sat. show, at least that's what we thought we paid for.
had the room arranged from fri thru sun. everything looked to be rolling smooth, then, there i was looking for a map of san jose, and i glanced at the ticket, (they are the new print-it-yerself kind) . . . lo and behold. sunday the 10th it sez!
never thought to look at the silly thing before. . .
as it turns out it is all for the better. got the hotel fixed, missed the storm that would hit the sierras while driving, s.a. got to finish some work today and i got to make more various bullshit cds for the ride, along with other nefarious things that needed done.
this is s.a.'s first u2 show, i've been lucky to make this my 3rd.
in the last few years i have been plugging them to s.a., she is just nuts about 'em and now i think we own every dvd and cd out. (the slane castle dvd is great!)
and last week we grabbed 'u2 show', a huge monster of a book with everything you need to know about the staging of their shows since the first apperance. (it was really for me since i used to do that silly backstage gig).
we're outta here!
but not before leaving this rare single by the band negativland. they got sued by island records for infringment on u2 and made some fun of kasey kasem in the process . . . (warning, not for the faint of heart!)
negativland - u2 (radio edit)
negativland - u2 (a capella)

oh, and i don't know if everybody has seen this, but google maps has the most fascinating thingy going. it is a satellite map of almost the entire usa. we sat up last night picking out our old houses and just looking at landmarks from space. the detail is downright scary. it can zoom in so close i could pick out harpo peein the back yard!
be careful of this at work it is addicting!
have fun ya'll. . . we will!


Laurie said...

I LOVE U2. Have a wonderful time and definitely do a review of the Kings of Leon for us. I once printed some tickets for a concert and looked at them right before I left the house (thank God) and realized I would have gone to the wrong venue. Dumbass.

Snave said...

I'll be looking forward to reading all about your excursion! I hope it was a slice of rock and roll heaven!!