Monday, April 18, 2005

blues 101

the north mississippi allstars are playing the new orleans house of blues on april 27 and the jazz fest on may 1st, and we won't be there, dang!
it seems we are never there when they play in the city. my sister knows how i love these guys and she loves to call from the show to kinda dick-wave. so, i'll probably be getting a call that night . . .
the band consists three guys from tupelo, miss. whose 1st two albums, (shake hands with shorty and phantom 51), are the best blues rock to blow out of the delta in a long time. luther (guitar) and cody (drums), are sons of the legendary jim dickenson of memphis (who notoriously recorded big star and played outrageous pianny with 'the jesters' on 'cadillac man', which was the last sun record release).
nma are a kinda family really, taught by the blues great r.l. burnside, and accompanied by the likes of robert randolph as 'the word', a band that is always a big part of the bonaroo fest.
maybe in a few months they'll pass that way again . . .
and then it's springtime in reno. believe it or not this is a good place to write the blues, what with all the gambling, prostitution, it's transient nature and the freaky weather. it is snowing right now, (the thick and heavy kind), with more tonight, if nothing else it is great blues weather. but then again, i don't remember any snowy blues tunes. i don't think it snows in the delta . . .

some songs to warm us up:
north mississippi allstars -
shake 'em on down (mp3 download)
north mississippi allstars - drop down mama (mp3 download)

and some songs that you may have heard by others:
robert johnson - love in vain
leadbelly - where did you sleep last night ?
kansas joe & memphis minnie - when the levee breaks


Danno said...

I'm going to pick up a copy of the Mississippi Allstars, I love it!

Love in Vain is my favorite from the Robert Johnson recordings, along with Come on in my Kitchen, and that's saying something. His guitar playing always throws me back, it's amazing how much he's got going on, all while singing his as off. Robert Johnson was no joke.

sleepybomb said...

cool the allstars are great, especially the 1st two. i am sorry i'll miss them and the whole jazz fest. i hope you play 'em as often as i do.
as for robert, he was the most innovative guitarist. i have his songbook and have spent years just trying to get the tuning down. his fingers were huge! look at the pics of him, unreal . . . like jimi's.
there is a few good films about robert. 'can you hear the wind howl?' is a neat bio-pic that has keb'mo' playing robert, and 'the search for robert johnson' has john hammond jr chasing down all rj's haunts and buddies, it's very good. in fact i have done searches for the crossraods on many a drunken night outta new orleans.